Tips For Correcting A Golf Slice

Written by Gary Gresham

Correcting a golf slice isrepparttar fastest way to shave strokes off of your golf game. Slicing a golf ball is one ofrepparttar 148855 most common errors that an average player makes. Some golfers remain frustrated for years because they never find out why they are slicing a golf ball. But if you are ever going to become a good golfer, correcting a golf slice is a must. These simple tips will show you how to cure golf slices just by practicing some basic golf swing tips and instructions. Proper Golf Stance A proper golf stance should be about as wide as your shoulders. Make sure your shoulders are aligned at your target. Point your right foot straight ahead and point your left foot slightly torepparttar 148856 left. Keep your elbows as natural as possible to maintain a proper golf stance. Even minor adjustments to your stance can make major changes in where your golf ball will end up. Practicerepparttar 148857 proper golf stance atrepparttar 148858 driving range and make small adjustments until you getrepparttar 148859 results you are looking for. Proper Golf Club Grip Another common way of correcting a golf slice is adjusting your hands for a proper golf club grip. Griprepparttar 148860 golf club with your left hand and put your thumb alongrepparttar 148861 shaft. The line between your thumb and index finger should be pointing toward your right eye. Wrap your right hand over your left and rest your left thumb into your right palm. A common mistake most right handed golfers make is grippingrepparttar 148862 club too tight withrepparttar 148863 right hand causingrepparttar 148864 ball to hook towardsrepparttar 148865 left. Butrepparttar 148866 opposite is true with a slice. A weak grip creates an open club face causing your ball to slice torepparttar 148867 right.

Wandering Hips In Your Golf Swing?

Written by Glen Osborne

* Do you have problems with toppingrepparttar golf ball? * Do you hitrepparttar 148854 ground behindrepparttar 148855 ball? * Do you sometimes hitrepparttar 148856 golf ball with weak and high results? * Do you feel a loss of power with some of your swings with any club? * Do you have problems hittingrepparttar 148857 ball nearrepparttar 148858 sweet spot of repparttar 148859 clubface?

All of these problems (and more) could be happening because your hips move in various directions during all parts of your swing movements. If your hips are moving about then you know that your legs are moving. Your body will also be moving or it will be twisting and hunching out of good posture.

This instructional article will show you what to do to stop "wandering hips" from ruining your golf swing. And,repparttar 148860 solution is unusual and will demand some attention in your early efforts to control your hips.

On my website I have a video clip which shows too much hip movement in my swing. This hip sway causes an unstable and weak foundation. It is difficult to generate power because this swaying places you in unnatural positions.

The golf swing demands balance. Swaying hips will cause loss of balance or a feeling that you are about to lose your balance. Your mind quickly sensesrepparttar 148861 loss of power andrepparttar 148862 loss of balance. Instinctively, messages go to your arms and hands to do something to make up for a weakening swing. Almost alwaysrepparttar 148863 hands or arms make a wrong move or a movement which is out of time withrepparttar 148864 leg and body movements.

In this clip you can also see that my forward sway causes my club to reachrepparttar 148865 bottom of its swing arc pastrepparttar 148866 ball towards my right foot (I'm a leftie.) This would result in poor contact ofrepparttar 148867 golf ball or a complete miss.


Years ago a friend told me that my hips wandered erratically during my golf swing. He also said that there was no pattern inrepparttar 148868 hip movements from swing to swing.

We did not have a golf pro to turn to for help on this. I had to solverepparttar 148869 problem on my own.

I used to teach physical education from Grades 1 to 9. I recalledrepparttar 148870 various age groups of young people trying to learn athletic movements for some ofrepparttar 148871 sports.

Why were my hips moving? I could stop them from doing this but I had to give too much attention to them during my swing. Even tightening my hip muscles did not solverepparttar 148872 problem.

I stood in front of a floor length mirror and did my impression of Elvis Presley (uh,repparttar 148873 late rock and roll guy who could really sway his hips.)

OK! At least I wiggled my hips around while watching what was happening inrepparttar 148874 mirror.

If I moved my hips in any direction my back would arch out of its natural upright position. This is not good to have golf swing movements with your back out of position. Golf's 'bad back cemetery' is too full of former golfers who succumbed to injured backs. (Byrepparttar 148875 way,repparttar 148876 techniques which I teach for basic swing movements and control did bring one man out of this back injury. He was able to golf with his grandson and his former golf buddies.)

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