Tips For Completing A Comic Book Collection

Written by AAA-Collectables

How to Complete a Comic Book


Maybe you're collecting allrepparttar issues in a specific title because it'srepparttar 145339 coolest book you've ever read. Or maybe you just want to make your collection more valuable. Either way, you haverepparttar 145340 same steps to follow.


Steps: 1. Readrepparttar 145341 "Overstreet Price Guide" and "Wizard Magazine" monthly.

2. Findrepparttar 145342 title you're interested in and do a rough calculation as to what it will cost.

3. Shop at a local store, by catalog, online, or go to a comic book convention.

4. Preserve your comics by storing them in a safe place.

Tips: Back issues - comic books that are not currently onrepparttar 145343 sales rack - are sold in conditions ranging from "new/mint" to "very poor." The condition determinesrepparttar 145344 price. Shop around. Different booths will undercut each other, and you can regularly buy overstock of regular issues for half-off cover price or more.

Tips for Using Metallic Threads

Written by Katrina Renouf

Metallic threads can add beautiful accents to any piece, but many people avoid using them because ofrepparttar difficulties they can cause. This article will share with you some tips on how to make using metallic threads a lot easier.

1. Make sure thatrepparttar 145338 fabric is taut on your frame at all times. 2. Purls (a fragile corkscrew of soft pliable wire that canít be restored torepparttar 145339 original shape after itís been distorted) are especially fragile and must be treated withrepparttar 145340 utmost care. 3. Any metal thread wrapped around a core should be handled with extra care since whenrepparttar 145341 outer layer has started to unwind there is no way to fix it. 4. Most handmade metal threads can be hand washed. 5. Two layers of fabric arenít necessary unless you needrepparttar 145342 second layer for support, such as using a very fine ground fabric and are using real gold since itís heavy. 6. Silver threads will tarnish, but gold ones wonít 7. Use a special pair of scissors to cutrepparttar 145343 metal threads and donít use them for anything else. The metal chews uprepparttar 145344 scissors blades.

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