Tinkling of Bells Helps Pet Avoid Accidents

Written by Cheryl Pedersen

If you listen carefully, you may hear bells ringing inrepparttar quiet suburban town of Simsbury, CT on a regular basis. That is,repparttar 136327 sound of numerous family members being trained by their pooches.

This innovative product solvesrepparttar 136328 communication gap between man and his best friend, his dog. Typically dogs are trained to signal when they need to go outside and do their business in a variety of ways such as barking, whining, scratching atrepparttar 136329 door or perhaps sitting and waiting. All of which can lead to frustration and accidents forrepparttar 136330 dog. Now, your dog can send a clear signal to your family when he needs to go out… train your dog to ring his poochie-bells when he needs to go out.

Referred to as “bell training”, this technique has be used for years by professional pet trainers and is highly effective. Poochie-Bells’s web site at

RecoveryPets.Com Helps Recover Lost Pets

Written by Thaddeus Collins

Making our lives better includes protecting our families, and also included in this category isrepparttar family pet. This once wild animal has become an integral part ofrepparttar 136234 modern family, and there are many laws devoted to stopping abuses to pets. What is lacking inrepparttar 136235 modern family is proving a means to recoverrepparttar 136236 family pet, if they should ever become lost. Ensuring that a lost pet will be returned to its owners should be a number one priority, becauserepparttar 136237 loss of a family pet can be a very devastating time.

Fortunately there are organizations that provide services to increaserepparttar 136238 chances of recovering a family pet if they should ever become loss. One such company that combinesrepparttar 136239 pet identification tag andrepparttar 136240 Internet is RecoveryPets.Com, they provide a service that assignsrepparttar 136241 pet a unique tracking number, and a web page on their site. This page includes a complete pet description, a photograph ofrepparttar 136242 pet, and up to ten contact numbers or email addresses. So if a stranger findsrepparttar 136243 pet, they can quickly identifyrepparttar 136244 owner by enteringrepparttar 136245 unique tracking number onrepparttar 136246 website andrepparttar 136247 contact information will be displayed.

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