Time is an Illusion or How to get more things done today 3 of 3

Written by Ken Myrback

Everyone has heardrepparttar phrase, my how time flies when your having fun. Well, I am here to tell you itís true. Because time as most people perceive it is an illusion. Youíre probably wondering what I'm talking about, of course that's why youíre reading this article. Before I started writing this article I repeated to my self several times that " one minute is as five " meaning that for every minute that passed it would be as if I had done five minutes of work. Most everyone has experienced this time distortion. Say for example your in a very long boring meeting or a lecture or any mind numbing activity. Now you will swearrepparttar 122352 person has been speaking for at least an hour. But when you look at your watch you realize with some shock and horror that only ten minutes has passed. This is time slowing down. The opposite is true as well, when your having fun doing something you really enjoy you figure an hour has gone by and you look at your watch and you have been doing that activity not for an hour but for three hours. The reason this occurs is because time is fluid but itís notrepparttar 122353 same for everyone. Letís takerepparttar 122354 lecture as an example. To yourepparttar 122355 boring lecture felt like an hour, torepparttar 122356 lecturer who is nervous it may have seemed like two hours. But, torepparttar 122357 fellow three rows up who is very interested inrepparttar 122358 subject ofrepparttar 122359 lecture it seemed like only a few minutes. Now, who is correct? Well in fact all of you are correct, in your perception of time. You see thatís how it works; itís your perception of time that is fluid. Once you understand that you can change how you perceive time then you can control time in your life. Unfortunately that does not mean that you can get home in rush hour traffic in ten minutes when it normally takes you an hour. But you can control how you perceive that hour. You see man createdrepparttar 122360 concept of time help him control and categorize his world. This was done by dividing uprepparttar 122361 things he saw in nature IErepparttar 122362 seasons andrepparttar 122363 smaller time bits likerepparttar 122364 phases ofrepparttar 122365 moon andrepparttar 122366 still smaller bits ofrepparttar 122367 rising and setting ofrepparttar 122368 sun into smaller and smaller chunks so that he could better arrange his life. Though what has been mostly forgotten is time is an illusion.

Energy and Reincarnation 2 of 3

Written by Ken Myrback

In an earlier article I spoke about energy. In this article I will go more in depth about energy and how it relates to reincarnation. First you have to understand that it isrepparttar nature of energy that it can be neither create nor destroyed. So, if we start withrepparttar 122351 assumption thatrepparttar 122352 soul is energy, which is not such a big leap, then it stands to reason that it can neither be created nor destroyed. There are some people that say, ďWait there are more people living now then have lived in all of historyĒ. Yes thatís true, so they say if thatís true where did allrepparttar 122353 extra souls come from? There are several theories about this, but my personal belief is that they are souls from lower life forms and from other parts ofrepparttar 122354 universe. I know this is a difficult concept to wrap your brain around but bear with me. If you believe thatrepparttar 122355 universe is infinite and time and distance are illusions, which I spoke about in my Auras, Energy and Intuition article which if you have not read it yet it is available on our website, then its not much of a leap to understand how souls can move about inrepparttar 122356 universe as they go from lifetime to lifetime. You see our ultimate job as a soul is to learn and grow from our experiences. This particular planet is a fast track for soul development.

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