Time for Reform of Politicians

Written by Shirley deLong


NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL POLITICIANS’ GOOD THINGS TO COME TO AN END! The JARGON has to stop! Beginning now, Taxpayers must set a TIME LIMIT of not more than TWELVE (12) MONTHS, on all Politicians and Elected Officials, forrepparttar “words” they have said - “We will do this for you”, “We will give yourepparttar 113494 White House Back”, “We will create jobs”, “We will stop Nafta”, “We will bringrepparttar 113495 jobs back torepparttar 113496 America workers that have been lost inrepparttar 113497 steel industry,repparttar 113498 pharmaceutical companies,repparttar 113499 clothing and textile industry, and nowrepparttar 113500 Furniture industry!” If, within that 12 month period, they do not get their job accomplished or get their results produced, that would bring our jobs and companies back to America, they no longer have an office, a salary, Insurance, best of healthcare, doctors and nurses on staff paid for by Taxpayers, let alone bonuses and retirements. Send them back home onrepparttar 113501 first bus paid for by them - not Taxpayers. No more “free airplane” rides. Inrepparttar 113502 real world, if American workers did not produce on their jobs they’d have no job nor would they get paid - that is, if there were any jobs left in America! Folks, I don’t know about you, but I have heard these same words (and this is all it is ‘words’) spoken fromrepparttar 113503 mouths of every Politician & Elected Official inrepparttar 113504 past thirty (30) years or so. Yet, nothing has been done nor is being done by any of them and we,repparttar 113505 Taxpayers (at presentrepparttar 113506 ones who are lucky to still have a job), are doing nothing about it. Oncerepparttar 113507 Politicians get elected they forget about you and me and what they have said to get them elected inrepparttar 113508 first place. They now have control of our

U.S. Postal Service Products & Services for your Home Business

Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

For 32 years nowrepparttar U.S. Postal Service isrepparttar 113493 only quasi-Governmental Agency that exist without taxpayer support. We are a self-supporting quasi-Government entity who is still governed byrepparttar 113494 U.S. Congress and non-competitive.

Each and every dollar thatrepparttar 113495 Postal Service uses to function on a day to day basis is derived from its customers who purchase products and services.

For those who are not familiar withrepparttar 113496 services and products we offer I hope to give a simple and concise article on each and every service and product that is available to you as a consumer.

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