Time Saving Laundry Tips

Written by Carrie Lauth

Mom, are you spending way too much time sorting, washing, and folding laundry?

Here are some quick easy tips to help get you out ofrepparttar laundry room!

1) Sort Less

Withrepparttar 145415 exception of whites that need to be bleached, brand new dark or red items that bleed or delicates, you may not need to sort laundry as much as you think.

Most high quality clothing doesn't bleed. And there is no crime in washing towels with other laundry unless it will get linty (like microfiber cleaning cloths).

You might want to sort laundry by what room it will end up in. I throw my boy's laundry all in together and despite what home economics gurus might tell you, I haven't noticed any bad effects! This method simplifies things because each load goes torepparttar 145416 same place. Instead of walking aroundrepparttar 145417 house delivering laundry to each room, you save energy and time.

2) Instead of folding...

Hang kid's shirts in their closet and simply lay small items flat in their drawers.

I use those cheap shoebox size plastic organizers inrepparttar 145418 boy's closet and throw unsorted clean socks in one, undies in another, pjs in another. Each child has his own containers so there's no confusion.

It's much simpler than spending time folding underwear and matching socks. They can find their own sock mates!

3) Use Your Tools

Put one laundry basket in each room where dirty laundry is discarded (usually one per bathroom or bedroom). Buy some of those zippered mesh bags atrepparttar 145419 dollar store and throw one in each.

4) Teach your kids and husband

Ask your husband and kids to put laundry inrepparttar 145420 hamper instead of dropping it onrepparttar 145421 floor, and to bring their hamper torepparttar 145422 laundry area when you're ready to wash. Don't scold or nag, use natural consequences. When someone needs that favorite pair of Buzz Lightyear pjs or boxers, they will quickly learn that if it doesn't make it to repparttar 145423 hamper, it doesn't get washed!

Are You A Leader in the Chrysalis?

Written by Jo Ball

Let’s get this straight atrepparttar outset…

Leadership skills can be found in their droves on an Internet search. Lists… dozen of them; and if you want to define yourself and tickrepparttar 145414 box by a pre-set, ready made standard based on what ‘experts’ in business andrepparttar 145415 church think, then go right ahead and look because I am not going to reproduce it here and encourage you to pigeon-hole yourself.

Face facts:repparttar 145416 guy inrepparttar 145417 pin-stripe suit andrepparttar 145418 one withrepparttar 145419 dog collar are notrepparttar 145420 only leaders. What’s more their ways, their definitions and their lists are notrepparttar 145421 only way to lead.

In your lifetime you’ve been exposed to all kinds of ‘leaders in their day’. Take your teachers; yes,repparttar 145422 ones who made you tuck your shirt in, do your tie up, remove your make up, ear rings and often your smile…

Take your parents – doing their best asrepparttar 145423 leaders of your home and your childhood – using what they had and what they knew to bring you up with good morals and good values so you would become an acceptable member of society who could get a good job and find a good spouse and go on to be a good reflection of them. Maybe they were kind and nurturing, maybe they were overbearing torturers and heavy-handed disciplinarians….

Then take your peers:repparttar 145424 leaders,repparttar 145425 tall kids inrepparttar 145426 playground who developed first and got allrepparttar 145427 attraction fromrepparttar 145428 opposite sex. The first couple to make out,repparttar 145429 first guy to have a car,repparttar 145430 first one to leave and get a job and reachrepparttar 145431 heady-height of leader for five minutes…

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