Time Management Tips to Help You Have a Great Summer

Written by Carole Pagan

Itís that time of year when living a balanced life becomes an even bigger challenge. You have work, housework, family responsibilities, and you want to get out and enjoyrepparttar summer.

The key is to plan your day. Allow a certain amount of time everyday for each thing that needs tending to. Use spare minutes wisely.

Here are some tips to help you manage your time so you have more time to play!

Get up a few minutes earlier if you have to so you have time to plan your day. Write down everything you want to, or need to accomplish. Plan dinner and make sure to takerepparttar 142657 meat out ofrepparttar 142658 freezer!

Donít plan elaborate dinners. Simple dinners made with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for summer, keep your energy levels up, and keep dishwashing down! If you are short on ideas, take a look at Cooking With a Thin Attitude. Itís full of great fast healthy dinner ideas.

Write down allrepparttar 142659 errands you need to do today. Can you get one done onrepparttar 142660 way to work? On your lunch hour? Can you order online? ConvenienceNet.com is full of handy resources to save you time.

While dinner is cooking, check your email, or do an online order, or pay bills online. You can accomplish a lot in little ten minutes chunks of time.

Allow up to half an hour a day for housecleaning. If you do this faithfully, your house can be really clean. No more spending your Saturday cleaning house! Youíve got better things to do. If you need to find out how to clean your home quickly and easily, check out Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak.

Buy clothes that are wash and wear. You donít want to have to spend time running torepparttar 142661 cleaners or ironing, do you? Make sure you getrepparttar 142662 clothes out ofrepparttar 142663 dry and hung up and/or put away right way so you donít have to worry about wrinkles.

Get a wash and wear haircut. Or at least one that takes less than 10 minutes to style inrepparttar 142664 morning and that will hold up all day. Use products that will cut down frizz and hold your hair in place. I have naturally curly (unruly, rebellious) hair. I use L.A. Looks frizz control gel before styling, and Pantene Flexible Hold Hairspray after to keep my hair looking good all day.

Should Real men do housework?

Written by Richmond Acheampong

SHOULD REAL MEN DO HOUSEWORK? By Richmond Acheampong Though we live inrepparttar new millennium, studies show that women continue to do a majority ofrepparttar 142656 household chores. Sincerepparttar 142657 1950s,repparttar 142658 mainstream of thinking has not shifted significantly from women being responsible for housework. One reason for this lack of change can be attributed to male stereotypes inrepparttar 142659 media. It is not masculine to clean; have you ever seenrepparttar 142660 Terminator washing dishes or James Bond clean floors? Inrepparttar 142661 movies; masculine men blow things up, drive fast cars, userepparttar 142662 latest gadgets and have women fawning all over them. These images run through your manís head, when heís asked to throw outrepparttar 142663 trash. Itís true real men are capable of doing housework, but inrepparttar 142664 real world they chose not to. Letís look at some ofrepparttar 142665 reasons why?

HIS ARGUMENT: ∑When I buy groceries, she always claims that I buyrepparttar 142666 wrong brands. ∑When I forget to put dirty dishes away, she sees it as a personal attack against her ∑When I clean up, itís not good enough. Thereís no pleasing her, so why bother. ∑Why canít she understand that I need to unwind before I do housework?

HER ARGUMENT: ∑Iím tired of doing allrepparttar 142667 work around here and picking up after everybody ∑Itís emotionally and physically draining because I have to be responsible for things he should take care of. ∑For once, Iíd like him to show initiative and do things without having to be asked ∑How come, he can changerepparttar 142668 oil in his car but doesnít know how to turn onrepparttar 142669 washing machine?

Though both arguments have validity, there can be no clear winner without compromise. Suggestions for endingrepparttar 142670 stalemate:

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