Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Written by Ally Moll

If you are like most moms I know you think to yourself, at least once a day, "I wish I had more time!" Most of my clients come to me at some point asking how they can get more hours inrepparttar day. Unfortunately,repparttar 143322 truth is you can't. There are only 24 hours in a day and it is impossible to make more. That being said, there ARE ways you can cheat and create more time forrepparttar 143323 things you want to do.

1. Prioritize! This one is especially important if you are prone to procrastinating or starting something and never finishing it. Each morning you should make a list, written or mental, of what needs to be done forrepparttar 143324 day and list them in order of importance. This can be done just as you're getting out of bed or while you're having your morning coffee. If your mornings are already hectic I suggest getting up a mere 3-5 minutes early because that is really all you'll need to make this list. If you're not a morning person you can also make a list right before bedrepparttar 143325 night before but then I suggest it be a written list so you don't forget anything. When making your list, try and be aware of how your body reacts. When you think of #1, your most important thing forrepparttar 143326 day, does you body contract? Do you feel nervous or tense? If that'srepparttar 143327 case then maybe it needs to be broken down into more manageable parts or baby steps. Don't try to do too much all at once or you'll end up getting nothing done at all! You might also consider making a second list of less important things that could be done in 5-10 minutes increments. This way, when you have a few minutes to kill between activities you won't fall into a "black hole" (see #2). Get that little bit of dusting done, throwrepparttar 143328 clothes intorepparttar 143329 dryer or make that hair appointment during your down time.

2. Get rid of what I call "black holes" or time wasters. Things like TV, checking your email every 5 minutes, online or computer games, and phone calls from chatty friends can be fun but they are also HUGE time wasters. According to a government censusrepparttar 143330 average adult watches a total of about 70 days of TV per year!!! I bet you can think of a lot more important things you could do with that time. Think about this statistic:repparttar 143331 number of minutes per weekrepparttar 143332 average American child (2-11years old) watches television is 1197 butrepparttar 143333 average number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children is 38.5. Just spending those 70 days playing and relaxing with your children would be time better spent. Think about setting aside time each day where you turn off your TV, phone, and computer and work diligently on your to-do list. Even an hour will increase your productivity greatly.

3. Don't be afraid to say no. So many women and especially mothers have a problem with this. They think they have to do everything and be everything to everyone. They want to be "super mom" and "super friend" and "super wife". Well I bet if you talked to your kids, friends and husband you find out they'd be perfectly happy with you just being yourself. Taking on too much adds more pressure on you then you need and prevents you from working at your best which means everything will take longer to do. You will procrastinate more if you're forcing yourself to do things you don't really want to. You need to protect your time. If you're still finding it hard to say no, it might help to come up with a list of reasons you want to protect your time. What do you want to do with any free time you get? These might include time so you can do things to make progress towards your longer term goals (you do have goals, right?), spending time with people you love and care about and who nurture you, or so you can do things that bring you pleasure and joy like a walk throughrepparttar 143334 woods, painting, swimming or reading a good book.

Developing Communication Skills for Students

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Kumar Nigam

Communication skills for Students

Have you readrepparttar story ofrepparttar 143321 jackal that fell intorepparttar 143322 washer man’s tub and was colored blue? Here I narrate it once again.

Once upon a time there lived a jackal that strayed into a city in search of food. He was hungry and was being chased by a group of dogs. He accidentally enteredrepparttar 143323 house of a dyer and fell into a vat of indigo (blue), and was stained blue from head to toe. When he escaped fromrepparttar 143324 house back intorepparttar 143325 forest, all animals were surprised at his appearance and could not place its identity. Taking advantage ofrepparttar 143326 situation,repparttar 143327 jackal decided to playrepparttar 143328 situation to his advantage. He proclaimed that he was Fierce Owl, sent byrepparttar 143329 king of Gods, Indra, to earth to guardrepparttar 143330 forest.

The gullible animals believedrepparttar 143331 jackal. The jackal then appointedrepparttar 143332 Lion as his Prime minister, tiger as his guardian ofrepparttar 143333 bedchamber andrepparttar 143334 elephant was maderepparttar 143335 doorkeeper. He then drove allrepparttar 143336 jackals out of sight fromrepparttar 143337 forest for fear of being recognized. The animals would hunt food and bring it torepparttar 143338 self-proclaimed king andrepparttar 143339 king would distributerepparttar 143340 food to all equally just as a king would do. So he was leading a life of luxury. One day a herd of jackals were passing by, howling to their glory. Unable to control his natural instinct, Fierce Owl showed his natural voice and howled atrepparttar 143341 top of his voice. Hearing this howl,repparttar 143342 animals realized that they had been fooled by a jackal and killedrepparttar 143343 jackal instantly. Had he not opened his mouth with out giving proper thought, he would not have been killed.

No body knows what you are tillrepparttar 143344 time you communicate with them. Your success or failure is entirely dependent on what impression you leave on others when you communicate with them.

Communication can be categorized as verbal and non-verbal even your gestures and body language can speak a lot and will be discussed in a later chapter. Here we will be talking aboutrepparttar 143345 first type and we will broadly discussrepparttar 143346 skills about which you, as a student are more concerned.

Good Communication Skills are essential

Being an effective communicator takes real skill. Communication skills have to be developed, honed and added to on an on-going basis. They arerepparttar 143347 heart of interpersonal skills andrepparttar 143348 greater your awareness of how it all works,repparttar 143349 more effective your communication will be.

To be effective in interviews or practical examinations you have to communicate well. Here we look at basic communication dynamics, learning skills to improve your communication, using effective communication to improve your personality and promote interpersonal skills.

Communication Core Skills - The Essentials

Communication is Individual: We’re not all The Same. When you look at communication, there is some thing more to merely possessing good presentation skills. Key for successful communication is to strike a good rapport with whom you are communicating. Everyone communicates differently and seesrepparttar 143350 world differently. The greatest skill you can have in order to instantly and significantly improve you communications skills is to understandrepparttar 143351 other person’s point view and how they seerepparttar 143352 world. Then you can adjust your own communication to take that into account.

You arerepparttar 143353 only one of you. There's never any one right way to communicate. Authentic effective communication always happens when we reply on those things we know to be true about or for ourselves. Remember your personal style probably says more for you that allrepparttar 143354 words you use can.

Interpersonal skills. Everything communicates. Remember! If you aren't clear about what you mean and what your intention is,repparttar 143355 other person (or people) could easily (and sometimes deliberately), misinterpret what you mean.

What you do matters, as much as what you say. It's now accepted thatrepparttar 143356 words account for only 7-11% of a communication. Your behavior will 'read' unconsciously to other people and you can certainly be more in charge ofrepparttar 143357 reading matter!

Language is one ofrepparttar 143358 most powerful reflections of how we think and feel about others and ourselves. You need to be aware ofrepparttar 143359 padding, justifications and excuses you use and whether they are appropriate. You can make a big impact simply by changing some of your language and developing your verbal skills, this way you can significantly improve your communication skills. Communication Cycle: There is a neat communication cycle which will help you to understand how to make communication work better. It means that you can take responsibility for every stage onrepparttar 143360 Communication Cycle. Typical Communication Cycle Spoken, , Heard , Understood , Agreed To, Acted On , Implemented

In a typical communication process one or more ofrepparttar 143361 above listed steps may be missing renderingrepparttar 143362 process ineffective and inefficient.

Be aware of where you, or others, tend to fall offrepparttar 143363 cycle, as that is where misunderstanding starts which eventually leads to many problems.

Improving Communication Skills

Attitude: You can changerepparttar 143364 direction of a communication if you change your attitude. There is no one attitude that'srepparttar 143365 'right' one to have, though being direct and clear certainly helps. Just listen to other’s point of view also and do not have fixed ideas. Be prepared to change your line of argument if necessary. Enough has already been said on attitude in chapter one which is considered adequate for purpose of this book.

Effective Listening and Responding: You can have tremendous influence on a communication asrepparttar 143366 listener andrepparttar 143367 responder. When we get little or no response fromrepparttar 143368 listener, we often project our assumptions onto them about what they are thinking (and usually we assume they aren't thinking good things about us!).

Be Positive: Use affirmation and encouragement to getrepparttar 143369 best out of any group that you may become member of. Notice when others do things well (even if it's part of their daily routine). This shows you're being attentive and considerate; most people respond well when they know that others are aware of what they do. This will do wonders forrepparttar 143370 students staying in hostels and becoming members of diverse groups. It is also important to have positive outlook about yourself and your achievements what ever these may be. Essential Communication Skills for students. As a student you have to pay special attention to following skills: - ·Listening ·Speaking ·Writing ·Reading

How to be an Effective Listener? Berepparttar 143371 kind of listener you want others to be when you are talking. Ask, “How would I want others to listen to me?” That’s how you can be an effective listener.


This isrepparttar 143372 most important and most feared of skill. Recent studies show that speaking in front of a group is by farrepparttar 143373 greatest fear of most people. Althoughrepparttar 143374 fear of speaking is common, studies show that one ofrepparttar 143375 most admired qualities in others is their ability to speak in front of a group. Furthermore, other things being equal,repparttar 143376 person who can communicate ideas clearly will be more successful. In order to speak well in front of any kind of audience one has to planrepparttar 143377 introduction, main body, concluding remarks, timings and mode of delivery among many of other considerations. The first consideration in planningrepparttar 143378 body of what you have to speak is how to organizerepparttar 143379 main points, but organization of sub points is also important. Arrangement ofrepparttar 143380 main points and sub points will help bothrepparttar 143381 speaker andrepparttar 143382 audience rememberrepparttar 143383 material—the speaker while speaking, andrepparttar 143384 audience while listening.

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