Time-Proven Strategies That Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic For Free

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

Today Internet has over 36,000,000 web sites, and statistics says that most of these web sites are DEAD - they do not get targeted web site traffic. Only targeted visitors give real online life to web site, and only targeted visitors can be converted into real profits onrepparttar web site. That is why those who understandrepparttar 147086 value of targeted traffic, fight for it every day, and this fight is getting wilder and wilder.

But fighting for targeted web site traffic withoutrepparttar 147087 knowledge of winning traffic-building strategies is a blind fight. You may waste your time, money and nerves and never see targeted visitors on your web site.

No it is time to face problems at full arms - you getrepparttar 147088 most powerful weapon inrepparttar 147089 history - professional knowledge how to drive and increase free targeted web site traffic for any online business.

The best knowledge isrepparttar 147090 knowledge that already proved its effectivity. That is why this article will show yourepparttar 147091 techniques and strategies that are used by famous Internet marketing gurus: Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, John Reese, Dan Kennedy, Jeff Mulligan, Terry Dean and others. These people made millions on Internet marketing and you can followrepparttar 147092 best of their experience.

Today, there is a bundle of time-proven strategies that help to increase targeted web site traffic and convert it into more online sales.

1. Get top joint-venture partners and affiliates from your niche who will drive targeted web site traffic for your online business.

This idea is simple and very effective. Every business niche has its toppers - those who are very successful with gathering clients. These people have already done a great job for you, because they gathered quality clients, subscribers and prospects in your niche. All you have to do is find these toppers and offer them affiliate or joint-venture partnership.

You can do it in some steps: submitrepparttar 147093 main keyword of your online business into search engine, get 20-50 top web sites in your niche, email their owners and make them an irresistible offer. They will bring you targeted visitors and you will share part ofrepparttar 147094 profits with them. Be ready to share, this will give you more profits in future.

So, do some good thinking about what commissions you can offer your partners and use this tip. JV partners and affiliates will do your job, and you will get quality traffic.

2. Raise your web site rank with link exchange.

Link exchange opens huge potential for growingrepparttar 147095 rank of web site with search engines. When many web sites in your business niche have your link on their web sites, and your web site has their links, search engines qualify your web site as a source of high attention.

The search engines follow simple logics: if many web sites "think" that your web site is good and put your link, it means you web site really deserves high estimation. They give your web site a higher rank and when someone runs a search for your keywords, your web site gets torepparttar 147096 top in found results.

The benefit from getting higher rank is evident: all web sites need targeted traffic. Search engine users are very targeted, as they are already LOOKING for your offer in search engine. Thus, you will get targeted web site traffic.

There are some tips about link exchange. You must exchange links with relevant web sites -repparttar 147097 web sites that are in your business niche. You must putrepparttar 147098 links form other web sites to a special link directory on your web site. The directory must have subcategories and sub-subcategories:repparttar 147099 deeper is your directory "tree",repparttar 147100 better it is in terms of search engine optimization. The names for categories in your link exchange directory must coincide with quality keywords in your niche.

These are not allrepparttar 147101 tips about link exchange, butrepparttar 147102 general picture aboutrepparttar 147103 value of this strategy becomes clear.

3. Convert targeted traffic into more online sales with professional mailing tools.

Free Traffic Course - Day 4

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

This day 4 of "Free Traffic Course" is devoted to mailing lists, their power to increase targeted web site traffic, automate online advertising and give more sales from web site visitors.

What is an email message in terms of communicating in Internet? Usually people say this is a specially coded message that can deliver information torepparttar specified address(es). But this is a very formal explanation.

Email is your voice in Internet. Thoughrepparttar 147066 technologies of transferring sounds and live video images are developing rapidly, still email remainsrepparttar 147067 most universal tool for communicating in Internet. So, email isrepparttar 147068 voice of your web site. Ifrepparttar 147069 web site "speaks" with a professionally set voice, using good tone -repparttar 147070 web site gets high credibility. That is why a proper management of email forrepparttar 147071 web site is very important.

But emails are not only message carriers to your clients or prospects. They can be a powerful advertising cool, educational guideline or eZine which helps to promoterepparttar 147072 product/service better. Emails can serve as a good feedback fromrepparttar 147073 clients. Only your imagination can limitrepparttar 147074 benefits of using emails for your online business.


If you have used any mailing tool before, then you perhaps know this problem - everything works good. But so many features and options are simply unavailable, other features have many limits and restrictions.

Some mailing tools have limit onrepparttar 147075 number of mailing lists inside them. Some tools should be installed for each web site separately which often means you have to pay for every installation of mailing tool torepparttar 147076 new web site. Some mailing tools do not show statistic data - how can you track your work with clients if you do not knowrepparttar 147077 mailing statistics details? Some mailing tools do not allow to personalize messages, and this is a huge step back for clients. The drawbacks are numerous.

One ofrepparttar 147078 modules integrated in Free Traffic System has a revolutionary mailing list tool that solves allrepparttar 147079 problems mentioned above. It fully automatesrepparttar 147080 mailing routine for your web site, giving amazing benefits and advantages.

Read each ofrepparttar 147081 benefits and advantages and see how they will help your web site and online business.

#1. Mailing List module is unlimited - you can create as many mailing lists as you wish, you can add as many subscribes to these mailing lists as you wish, you can send as many messages as you wish.

#2. Mailing List module managesrepparttar 147082 mailing for all your web sites from ONE web site where you have installed Free Traffic System. No routine installations - putrepparttar 147083 system to one of your web sites, andrepparttar 147084 Mailing List module will manage your correspondence from one "captain's deck". Very convenient and saves time.

#3. You can personalize your messagesrepparttar 147085 way you wish. Mailing List module supports more than 20 macros elements: web site name, mailing list name, date of user registration in mailing list, first and last name, user's email, subscriber's date of birth, country, state, etc. You can customize your messages so your clients will feelrepparttar 147086 real personalized approach to them. Clients like when someone cares about them.

#4. You can send messages in HTML and TXT formats. Send your clientsrepparttar 147087 messages that will be inrepparttar 147088 format that suits your clients better.

#5. You can test and preview all messages before sending them. Thus you will know how exactly your messages will look. If there any mistakes inrepparttar 147089 message, you previewrepparttar 147090 letter and correct mistakes before your clients see them.

#6. You can attach files torepparttar 147091 messages. If you have any important file that has to go separately or cannot be pasted inrepparttar 147092 letter body, userepparttar 147093 attachment feature.

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