Tidbits of Garlic

Written by Shauna Hanus

Just this morning my mother was telling me about allrepparttar Italian and Greek immigrants she and my dad lived amongst when they were first married. As she spoke of allrepparttar 142217 intense aromas that filled their little neighbor in Youngstown, Ohio she began to reflect on their superstitions. One particular long held belief wasrepparttar 142218 protecting strength of garlic.

She explained how whenrepparttar 142219 local high school football team was playing a neighboring school that was know to have a bigger and stronger teamrepparttar 142220 mothers would tie a garland of garlic aroundrepparttar 142221 boys necks. The mom's would then say ifrepparttar 142222 garlic doesn't dorepparttar 142223 trickrepparttar 142224 smell will surely knockrepparttar 142225 opposing team over. This little story got me to thinking about allrepparttar 142226 benefits of garlic.

I have heard told that Egyptian slaves ate garlic and onions to keep up their energy levels while buildingrepparttar 142227 pyramids. In fact, folklore indicates that garlic can ward off vampires, and evenrepparttar 142228 plague.

Do a Dry Rub First

Written by Shauna Hanus

The debate on ribs has ended in my home. After years of toil I have finally capitulated and agreed to make ribsrepparttar fool proof way every time. Consequentlyrepparttar 142216 neighbors,repparttar 142217 kids, and family from out of town all place special requests for ribs.

To begin pre-heat your oven or BBQ to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Ifrepparttar 142218 heat reaches much above 250 degrees you runrepparttar 142219 considerable risk of your ribs drying out.

Next rubrepparttar 142220 ribs with your favorite dry rub and place them bone side up in a roasting pan. I have found that jarred dry rubs are well balanced with sweet and spice and make for a good tasting rib. If you have a particular preference mix up a batch of your own personal seasonings and store it in an air tight container withrepparttar 142221 rest of your spices. You will then always have your favorite rub on hand.

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