Tickle Your Funny Bone

Written by Virginia Reeves

Practicing humor can lift tension, reduce stress, diffuse confrontation, improve communication, and enhance your relationship with others in any group. It can also increase productivity, learning ability, cooperation, teamwork, and profits while energizing you and others. Wow! Why wouldn't we want to incorporate even more of this no-cost action into our daily life? Here's more benefits:

Humor isrepparttar shock absorber that easesrepparttar 118292 bumps in life and laughter is a vaccine forrepparttar 118293 ills ofrepparttar 118294 world. Laughter increases your adrenaline which leads to a release of enthusiasm and optimism. Aerobic breathing comes from laughter - your endorphins are super-charged.

Humor is associated with youth, vigor, intelligence and being "with it." The broad smile and light remark are welcome guests at any gathering. It says: I want to be friends. Humor enhances an image, motivates, and helps create a relaxed reality.

Expressing your sense of humor can be as simple as encouraging and responding torepparttar 118295 merriment of those around you - even with just a smile. You don't have to be a joke teller. Think about words or images that bring a grin to your face. Here's a start: * supercalifragilisticexpealodocious (I think I got it right - help Mary Poppins!) * upsy daisy day (thanks to Stephanie West Allen who publishes an e-zine with this name) * Snoopy (Charlie Brown's dog) dancing forrepparttar 118296 pure joy of it * a child discovering something new (I remember my niece's first fun encounter playing inrepparttar 118297 sand) *repparttar 118298 antics of Red Skelton, Carol Burnett, Bill Cosby, Lucille Ball, Robin Williams, Jim Carey

Have you given much thought to what makes you smile, giggle or burst out into a loud and refreshing belly laugh? What situations were you in or who are you with when you feelrepparttar 118299 most at ease to let your sense of humor come out and play? What arerepparttar 118300 circumstances when your senses are full ofrepparttar 118301 magic of outright pleasure, entertainment and enjoyment?

Here's a real easy idea - share cartoon and funny stories with your friends, co-workers and family. I recently sent a cartoon to a lady whose theme is to live with passion and gratitude - she was delighted that I thought of her and responded directly to her gardening interest. I took pleasure in knowing that I'd made her grin too. Many of you probably receive and forward some delightful tales and absurdities that you find onrepparttar 118302 Internet or in magazines. Last week I *snail mailed* a piece about ludicrous lawsuits andrepparttar 118303 cost of a child to some friends to give them a little lift to their day. Not only did they enjoyrepparttar 118304 silliness but they were also happy to get something other than bills and junk mail to open!

I've read that benefits are gained from smiling at a minimum of five people a day. If you are working alone or really can't find a good reason to smile at your co-workers or family that day - then find another way to make sure you bring a smile to yourself. Read some jokes in a book or on a humor site or e-zine. Watch a favorite TV show or rent a movie that you know will make you feel good. Another method is to look for five funny or absurd things a day - this keeps your mind thinking inrepparttar 118305 direction of being less serious.

Here's some great statements and thoughts to keep in mind. * Take time to laugh, it is music torepparttar 118306 soul. * Every survival kit should include a sense of humor. * A smile adds a great deal to your face value. * He who laughs, lasts. * Laughter is contagious...start an epidemic. * Put on candid camera glasses every day. * Find your own "mirth angel". * Recharge your batteries and put more joy in your life.


Written by Marsha Jordan


I know women (my older sister for one) who suffer from multiple "purse"inality. They have a different purse to go with every outfit inrepparttar closet. Not me. I'm a one-purse woman. When I get a new purse, I use it tillrepparttar 118291 straps fall off; so it's essential that I find exactlyrepparttar 118292 RIGHT purse -- and that is no easy task. As a modern grandma onrepparttar 118293 go, I basically live in my car; so my purse must be a carry-all for everything I might need wherever I go. In my purse I carry a supply of every medication in my cupboard along with cosmetics for touch ups; toiletries for use when I'm stranded overnight, books to read while waiting in line, and emergency snacks in case I need nourishment and can't get to food right away. I also stock my purse with plenty of quarters for video games (for my grandson,) a change of underwear (for both of us), some silverware, straws and napkins (those fast food places sometimes forget these). And I can't forget a sweater, umbrella and rain poncho for inclement weather. My purse carries eye drops, ear drops and gum drops, nasal spray, hair spray, and pepper spray, a first aid kit, a sewing kit, a tool kit, and a pool repair kit. Oh, and an inflatable raft (you never know when you might fall overboard). After a tiring three-hour search in Wal-mart, I was pleased to finally findrepparttar 118294 perfect purse. It has 327 compartments and it's large enough to hold all my "necessities," plus a liter of Dr. Pepper. After filling my "dream purse" with all my treasures, I sadly discovered that I don't haverepparttar 118295 muscles to lugrepparttar 118296 thing around. I've developed tennis elbow, low back pain, and a perpetual stiff neck from hoistingrepparttar 118297 sucker over my shoulder, and I think I might need a rotator cuff transplant. The only things this almost-ideal purse lacks are wheels to drag it along behind me.

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