TiVo: An Introduction for the Few Who Don't Know Yet

Written by Bear Cahill

TiVo will change your life... forrepparttar better. Plain and simple: record shows by telling TiVo to record them (not when, what channel, how long, etc.), record all new episodes of X, record all movies w/ so-and-so in them, etc.

High Points:

Most people knowrepparttar 133376 basics ofrepparttar 133377 concept. Here'srepparttar 133378 low-down onrepparttar 133379 things I'm asked most...

1. You can record one thing and watch something else already recorded.

2. You can get a dual tuner TiVo, but you'll need two SEPARATE feeds torepparttar 133380 TiVo (i.e., two lines from your satellite dish). Then you can record 2 things at once or watch one/record another. These are more expensive, but you can get a DirecTiVo w/ dual tuner cheaper and thenrepparttar 133381 monthly TiVo fee is about half normal.

3. Pause live TV - if you don't realizerepparttar 133382 value of this, I can't explain it. :)

TiVo has many different versions which all some slight variations. If you want to go beyond 'average guy' level, check out this forum.

Comparison to ReplayTV:

Universal Remotes: Some Things to Consider

Written by Bear Cahill

We probably all have about 8 "universal" remotes these days. Every new component you buy comes w/ one, but none of them are really "universal" because there's always some feature on one device thatrepparttar other remotes don't have a button for. But wdn't it be nice to really be able to use one remote for all your devices? I do!

There are so many different universals onrepparttar 133375 market these days that it's impossible to go over them all here. So I'll hitrepparttar 133376 high points and let you decide. I'll pick a few popular types/models and go over a few points that helped me decided for or against them.

One thing you need to understand is what a 'learning' remote is. That means that you can setrepparttar 133377 remote to learn other remotes' signals: you set it to be ready, aim another remote at it, press a button on that remote andrepparttar 133378 learning remote stores that signal.

Now whatever button you set up onrepparttar 133379 learning remote sends that same signal. This way even if your univeral remote doesn't have a 'Eject' button, it can send that signal.

All ofrepparttar 133380 remotes listed here are learning b/c that'srepparttar 133381 only way to be truly universal.

Most universal remotes these days also allow you to run macros. That way when you want to watch a movie, w/ just a couple button clicks, you can have it turnrepparttar 133382 TV on,repparttar 133383 stereo to DVD player, etc.

Also,repparttar 133384 usually have timers so you can turnrepparttar 133385 TV on and off while you're out of town for example.

Big LCD: Sony RM-AV3000

This remote wasrepparttar 133386 'big boy' onrepparttar 133387 block for a long time. It does it all and looks cool doing it. The two main draw backs to this model are size and buttons.

Because it's so big, it's hard to use w/ one hand - you can't reach acrossrepparttar 133388 remote to press some buttons or parts ofrepparttar 133389 LCD. Next time you're watching TV, see how often you just use one hand onrepparttar 133390 remote and think about giving that up.

This model used to be pretty expensive, but it's getting better.

Internet: Harmony SST-659

I haven't actually tried this one, but I getrepparttar 133391 idea and I like it. You can program this remote to work w/ your devices and uploadrepparttar 133392 configuration. That way others can use it. More directly, you can use other peoples' configurations!

The point of this one is ease of use so I'm assuming it wd be relatively straight forward to hook it up and program it. Maybe a little intimidating, but I bet most people cd do it and it wd be worth it.

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