Throwing in the Towel

Written by Doug Bower

Just when I am ready to give up, call it quits, throw inrepparttar towel with this op-ed writing business someone throws me a curveball and I am back atrepparttar 140746 plate again swinging that computer keyboard.

A friend, who lives inrepparttar 140747 thick ofrepparttar 140748 "illegal alien" situation in Arizona, sent me a web site by this gomer named, are you ready for this, "Frosty Wooldridge".

I am not making this name up!

If you are not familiar with ole Frosty then go to a search engine and type in that name. Never will you spend a more entertaining time. One cannot denyrepparttar 140749 man is a prolific writer. Nor should anyone deny that what this man writes is nothing short of senseless dribble, nonsense, psychotic ramblings, and delusional disinformation.

Here are a few statements in his article, Mexicanization of America,[1] which he contends are true of every so-called "illegal alien" WITHOUT exception. Tell me what you think:

· They’ve run Americans out of countless cities and communities. · They’ve trashed school systems and bankrupted 86 hospitals. · They’ve thrown trash throughoutrepparttar 140750 park systems. · They defy laws by not carrying car insurance, driver’s licenses. · Work offrepparttar 140751 books paying no taxes. · Spread drugs. · More terrifying arerepparttar 140752 thousands of cases of TB and hepatitis they spread into Los Angeles. · Brutalize our schools with their language.

I really like that last highly intelligent and well-reasoned statement: "Brutalize our schools with their language". Who would have thoughtrepparttar 140753 Spanish language was so dangerous? What in God's name were my wife and I thinking in coming to Mexico and becoming fluent in Spanish?

I am wondering why Frosty, and everyone of his ilk, doesn't come right out and call Mexicans vermin? Isn't that what he is describing—the spreading of disease like plague-infected rats?

Let me suggest why he doesn't say what's really on his mind. Were he to come out with direct and honest rhetoric like, "I hate all people of different colored skin and let's kickrepparttar 140754 dirty vermin back acrossrepparttar 140755 border", there would be a backlash fromrepparttar 140756 American people for such blatant and obvious bigotry.

Frosty, as well asrepparttar 140757 other anti-Mexican "disinformationists", well know that if they were to do so, this would not fly inrepparttar 140758 arena of public debate.

So, to what do they resort: DISINFORMATION.

This tactic is nothing new. It is what all souls resort to when they have few, if any, facts to support a dreadful position. Here's a good example:

John McCain's "Agreed Framework"

Written by J.J. Jackson

I am by no means a fan of Senator John McCain (Arizona). And it seems like every couple weeks I become less and less of a fan of his even being inrepparttar Republican Party. Today, I am torepparttar 139853 point of publicly asking Senator McCain to just make it official and turnrepparttar 139854 (R) next to his name into a (D). PLEASE! Enough withrepparttar 139855 charade!

Campaign Finance Reform brought me torepparttar 139856 edge ofrepparttar 139857 cliff of my patience. Now, Senator John McCain attempting to nukerepparttar 139858 Constitutional Option has forced me to jump.

History teaches us many lessons. One ofrepparttar 139859 most important is that you can never negotiate in good faith with those that are not bound to reality but that would rather pursue their own power over all else. John McCain has now made his bed with those that seek power above all else;repparttar 139860 Senate Democrats.

Joined by six other Republicans unwilling to force an up or down vote on judicial nominees and seven Democrats who never had any intention of voting for conservative judicial nominees, McCain has attempted to maintainrepparttar 139861 state of Constitutional chaos that currently exists inrepparttar 139862 Senate. He and his gang of 13 reached a hollow compromise that spat inrepparttar 139863 face of all that is right and just. He basically said "SCREW YOU!" torepparttar 139864 Constitution andrepparttar 139865 voters of America that have given Republicansrepparttar 139866 control ofrepparttar 139867 Federal Government.

The Constitution calls for advice and consent on Presidential judicial nominees. The Democrats don't like that because they are inrepparttar 139868 minority and do not holdrepparttar 139869 Presidency so they are basically left out inrepparttar 139870 cold clinging with white knuckles torepparttar 139871 last vestige of their power which isrepparttar 139872 courts. So they have resorted to simply denying up and down votes on nominees that have both passed through committee and have enough votes byrepparttar 139873 representatives ofrepparttar 139874 people to be seated upon their respective benches.

The deal between McCain andrepparttar 139875 Democrats, which is as rotten as they come, basically pavedrepparttar 139876 way for votes on three of ten nominees while chuckingrepparttar 139877 other seven torepparttar 139878 wolves. That's a paultry 30% for those of you that are weak at math. The deal also lets Senate Democrats maintainrepparttar 139879 right to indefinitely delay votes on any other judges inrepparttar 139880 future. They claim that they will only do so however under "extraordinary circumstances".

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