Throw away the fax machine A guide to online fax

Written by Kimble Young

Have you ever felt like throwingrepparttar fax machine outrepparttar 105128 window? Well you may not know it but you can, but not literally please.

There have been services available for some time which allow you to take your fax needs online and save yourselfrepparttar 105129 hassle of wrestling withrepparttar 105130 fax machine.

Any provider should be able to supply you with a basic fax-to-email service. You are usually assigned your own fax number and any faxes sent to this number are then attached as an image file to an email. That is then delivered to your email account. You will need to keep your fax machine for sending faxes but you can set it to not answerrepparttar 105131 phone and keep it on your main business line.

Most but not all fax services also provide a facility to send faxes by email, web or straight fromrepparttar 105132 desktop. This feature can be utilised to send invoices or forms to customers without first needing print and then faxrepparttar 105133 document. Fax-to-email allows you to compose an email to and attach each document you want to be faxed. You are then notified by email when your fax is complete.

Traditionally to enable your business to fax has meant ordering a separate phone line and number and purchasing a fax machine or fax software for each user. Which is an expensive proposition for a communications channel that is still essential but often rarely used these days. With online fax services these costs are all rolled in to a single monthly fee which is paid to your fax provider. Often this fee is just a fraction ofrepparttar 105134 cost of phone line rental alone. Addrepparttar 105135 savings in paper and ink and using an online fax service starts to make a lot of sense.

If your customers fax through a lot of forms that you need to process and archive you’ll know how tedious it can be to flick through a whole binder just to find a specific fax. With an online fax service your fax correspondence can be filed along with all your electronic correspondence.

Points to consider when choosing a provider:

  • Do you receive your own dedicated number? Some virtual office providers for example will place you on a shared number and your faxes may be seen by anyone.
  • File formats: Make surerepparttar 105136 provider can email you in a format that suits you. Most will send in a common format like PDF but others may use obscure formats that require special software to read.
  • Do they have a method of sending faxes that suits you? Some will offer you a choice of methods; ranging from basic email-to-fax through to desktop clients which will allow you to “print” directly to a fax.
  • Is there an area code that will be local for your customers? Even if you are a regional business you may want to consider a metropolitan fax number if your customers are located there. Remember, you now haverepparttar 105137 choice.

Star Trek has arrived!

Written by Daniel Webb

March 1, 2005 Over 30 billion emails are sent daily worldwide, and online communication are expected to double inrepparttar next few years. However,repparttar 105126 future of online communications is already here. Today, video can addrepparttar 105127 human touch of emotions, gestures, personality and more torepparttar 105128 otherwise gray matter of text email. Mr. Daniel Webb of Youngstown, Ohio has positioned himself in front of this expanding and evolving marketplace forrepparttar 105129 masses which are predicted to use video communications withinrepparttar 105130 next 3 to 5 years.

The domestic markets in bothrepparttar 105131 U.S. and Canada are exploding with this new technology, and 20 International markets are expected to open throughout 2005. Tapping into worldwide expansion with this marketplace is a win-win situation.

Mr. Webb, could be on to something, according to Dustun Rosdail, President of Rosdail Associates. "If I can communicate face to face with my friends and clients, that's a valuable tool. Email has deterioratedrepparttar 105132 quality of customer service. It used to be all face to face. People want 'face time.' This kind of technology can help that. This helps humanize communication again," he said. Mr. Webb added, "In a marketplace where change occurs at light speed we must capitalize on true ground floor opportunities. The key is to be ahead ofrepparttar 105133 curve, and video is a logical progression forrepparttar 105134 communications industry. If people are sending photos by email, I can see video beingrepparttar 105135 next step. As a result of over six years and $55 million of research and development, Mr. Webb can offerrepparttar 105136 most sophisticated, simple-to-use and feature-rich video communications onrepparttar 105137 market as an independent affiliate of a major streaming video solutions provider. The future opportunities are completely untapped with a mission to democratize video communications by providing everyone withrepparttar 105138 power to create and distribute streaming video content directly from any camera-enabled PC atrepparttar 105139 lowest possible cost. The services include video email, LIVE video broadcasting, video-on-demand, video autoresponders, video chat / video instant messaging, video blogging and much more.

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