Throw Away Your Money on Search Engine Optimization

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Search engine optimization consists of some relatively arcane issues that are not obvious to anyone. That I can be thankful for, I suppose, or I wouldn't continue to be in demand as an SEO specialist. But why do clients throw money outrepparttar window with developers who don't understand they are bulldozing down site naming structure and careful page architecture when they do a site redesign?

Today I got a call from a very good client who was excited to have me see his site redesign and sent me off to visit while he was onrepparttar 127872 phone. I typed inrepparttar 127873 domain name and watched repparttar 127874 page load in my browser. Nice color scheme, interesting scrolling header, clean design, good navigation. "Looks Good," I said, and then my heart sank when I noted that my carefully crafted title tag was missing fromrepparttar 127875 browser title bar.

I clicked torepparttar 127876 sitemap and noticed that my naming convention for pages, subdirectories and image files had been discarded like yesterdays trash. I went torepparttar 127877 source code and saw that allrepparttar 127878 javascript we had neatly pulled off page and assigned to independent off-page .js files was back onrepparttar 127879 page again, along withrepparttar 127880 CSS styles. Oh, and no description metatags.

I began to groan audibly as I made each of these discoveries, forgetting that my client was onrepparttar 127881 line. My heart leapt back into my throat as I looked for allrepparttar 127882 great articles, press releases, additional text content I had conscientously added and found them missing fromrepparttar 127883 site entirely!

My client responded to my noises with an exclamation that his new site was "State ofrepparttar 127884 Art!" and "Completely Automated" as he pointed outrepparttar 127885 cool new functions and slick scripts. "Only one problem," he said, still gushing aboutrepparttar 127886 expensive toys, goodies and googaws on his pretty new baby - "We dropped from our first page rankings inrepparttar 127887 search engines, what happened?"

I won't detail what I said as I exploded in anger atrepparttar 127888 havoc his developer wreaked upon my lovingly optimized pages, but after I calmed a bit (thank goodness he's a good client and a friend) I detailedrepparttar 127889 developer's unknowing destruction.

Do you realize that ALL links to previous pages will generate "404 Not Found" errors from links inrepparttar 127890 search engines until these new pages are crawled? Do you realize that EVERYTHING I did to get top rankings has been destroyed?! Do you understand that ALLrepparttar 127891 money you gave me to optimize your site will have to be spent AGAIN?

Top posities brengen niet altijd meer sales en ROI

Written by John Bertrand - JNB Web Promotion

Zoekmachine optimalisatie marketing oplossingen alleen via de specialist Wat is zoekmachine optimalisatie nu precies? De procedure van het kiezen van relevante trefwoorden, trefwoorden die genoeg verkeer naar uw web site opleveren. Maar dan wel zo geoptimeerd wordt dat uw web site steeds top posities behaald. De procedure van het updaten van HTML code en het onderzoeken van goede trefwoorden die uw web site aanspreekt. Zodra iemand een "search" doet dat uw web site direct bovenaan in de zoekmachines staat en blijft. Zoekmachine optimalisatie is ook het aanvullen van speciale woorden in uw omschrijving en verborgen tags (metatags) zodat een zoekmachine dit kan lezen alsook in zijn database kan aanvullen. Zoekmachine optimalisatie kan ook gebruikt worden als manipulatie teksten van een web site zodat zoekmachines de woorden eruit kan halen om top posities te behalen. Een woord dat meer duidelijkheid geeft aan een web site of een aantal web pages om hiermee hoge posities te behalen voor uw relavante trefwoorden.

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