Three colors, six tenuous links

Written by Holmes Charnley

It was Christmas Eve last year thatrepparttar car carrier, Tricolor, was issued with a wreck removal notice. Having been crashed into by a ship trying to overtake it, it has been lying there a wreck ever since. I know how it must have felt.

I was issued with a wreck removal notice on Christmas Eve also. I felt a wreck, that much is true. Id been at that vodkarepparttar 118252 night before,repparttar 118253 one that had maderepparttar 118254 local papers because it was dangerously wrong, overly strong and should you have any inrepparttar 118255 house, to take it straight back for a product recall scenario. Hmm

So theres me sorting outrepparttar 118256 tree, withrepparttar 118257 kids belting aroundrepparttar 118258 house and this letter of eviction comes throughrepparttar 118259 door saying:

I am sorry to have to inform you thatrepparttar 118260 landlord has decided to sellrepparttar 118261 property inrepparttar 118262 spring and therefore will not be renewing your tenancy atrepparttar 118263 end ofrepparttar 118264 initial six-month period.

The letter went on, apologetically asrepparttar 118265 waves broke over my upturned bow I never could wrap presents. That one aboutrepparttar 118266 bow was tenuous, Ill grant you. Still, lets press on, eh?

A couple more ships ran into this car carrier beforerepparttar 118267 shipping lanes gotrepparttar 118268 message and gave it a wide berth, so to speak. The second of these ships being a tanker carrying kerosene, a substance only marginally less dangerous than that vodka Id been at. This tanker got itself rather ignominiously stuck on top. The kids caught sweetheart in a similar position but there we are. It was Christmas. Im sure theyll have forgotten by now.

Poverty Can Be Erased

Written by Mark Brennaman

I'm back at my restaurant enjoying a nearly cold cup of coffee (withoutrepparttar whitener) as I began to read one ofrepparttar 118251 back pages of my newspaper.

The top article had a title like Pentagon Spending Under Review. The story had something to do with hammers, toilet seats and coffee makers, or something like that.

Further down onrepparttar 118252 page, a headline caught my attention. I think it read Homeless Population Rises. What followed was frightening.

Atrepparttar 118253 very bottom ofrepparttar 118254 page was this tiny little advertisement for Tool Liquidators, Home ofrepparttar 118255 Ninety-nine Cent Hammer!. Well, it all fell into place after that. I pagedrepparttar 118256 waitress for some more coffee and figured this out.

Tomorrow,repparttar 118257 government sends agents ofrepparttar 118258 FDIC, FEMA, NRA, and even allrepparttar 118259 local dog catchers to every homeless shelter and to every welfare office acrossrepparttar 118260 country. Their job is to deliver to every adult inrepparttar 118261 country at or belowrepparttar 118262 poverty line a booklet of vouchers.

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