Three Ways to Make a Name For Yourself on the Web

Written by Kevin Nunley

We all know thatrepparttar Internet is a great marketing tool. A website can be a very profitable means of marketing your product or service, and advertising on other people's websites can be very effective as well, but that isn't whererepparttar 125205 advantages stop. Business oriented bulletin boards, discussion groups and chatrooms are all overrepparttar 125206 web, and while they aren't traditionally looked upon as marketing tools, they can be a great way of gettingrepparttar 125207 word out about your business.

1. Bulletin Boards:

Bulletin boards are lists of questions or statements and responses in your area of interest that can be viewed onrepparttar 125208 web, usually in a bulleted list format. Do a search, and then read through several bulletin boards that might appeal to people who would buy from your business. Once you're comfortable withrepparttar 125209 format, offer a suggestion, give an opinion, or post a question. Be sure to include your full name atrepparttar 125210 bottom of your post along with your web address and a line that gives a reason for visiting your site. I usually sign my notes:

Kevin Nunley 10,000 marketing tips at

After your posts have appeared regularly for several weeks, people will begin to see you as someone who is involved and ready to help, and they'll check out your website. A new customer is born.

Now, some people say that bulletin boards are declining. Don't listen to them, though. As people are growing more comfortable withrepparttar 125211 web and getting involved with more and more sites, they simply aren't posting as much. That doesn't mean they aren't reading. I recently added a brief tip to several discussion groups that seemed to be a little slow. The results were actually really great. I tracked a number of people clicking fromrepparttar 125212 bulletin board to my web site, far more people than had posted inrepparttar 125213 days since my original post.

2. Discussion Groups:

Being recognized as an expert in your field can really boost your sales. When people know you can help their situation with experience and knowledge, they'll come to you, and they won't mind paying for whatever you suggest.

One ofrepparttar 125214 Net's best tools to turn yourself into a recognized expert in your field is discussion groups. These can be UseNet newsgroups (check with your Internet Service Provider for how to find them) or they can be discussion groups on web sites. There are also email discussion groups, sometimes called listservs or majordomos.

Should You Invest in a Paid Web Site?

Written by Rosanne Cohen

One ofrepparttar biggest misconceptions people have who market a product or business online is thinking that a free web site is just as good as a paid one. NOT TRUE!

Free web sites are fine for fun and games and there is a definite need for them onrepparttar 125204 Internet. But this is not so for serious-minded business people. Credibility is tantamount to doing business onrepparttar 125205 World Wide Web.

In order to establish credibility onrepparttar 125206 Internet, you would be much wiser to invest in a private paid web site whereby you are guaranteed that your web host will not "disappear" one day and take your business along with it.

A free web page/site gives your customersrepparttar 125207 impression and implies that your business is not that important to you. Would you want to do business with someone who cared so little about his business that he was not willing to secure his investment?

A free web site will also come with "strings attached." No company is going to give you a free web site without wanting "something" in return.

Companies that offer free web pages/sites will often require you to sign up for some other costly service and require you to let others post banner ads on your site which could ultimately cost you sales.

By having other banner ads on your web site, you stand repparttar 125208 chance of your customers clicking on those banners, never to return to your web page! Can you really afford to lose customers when you finally get them there? Web surfers don't hang around for long so you really need to have their undivided attention! Studies indicate that 60% ofrepparttar 125209 people who visit a web site will leaverepparttar 125210 site immediately if they see any advertising banners.

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