Three Ways to Add Versatile Content to Your Site or eZine

Written by Mitchell Harper

------------------------------------------ Introduction ------------------------------------------

If you run a content driven web site or eZine, then I think you will agree with me when I say that finding free, quality content onrepparttar ‘Net is a pain. Sure, people are writing articles which they want published, but nine times out of ten, these articles are just “copy-pasted” or recycled from someone else’s articles, and content like this wont give your site a particularly high profile.

There are heaps of ways to add some pizzazz and glitz to your site or eZines content that will keep your visitors coming back on a regular basis. In this article I will talk about three of them: Interviews, Reviews and Books.

------------------------------------------ Interviews ------------------------------------------ People like reading about other people: What they do, how they do it, and most importantly, why they do it. So do you, right? Well I know I do. Have you ever thought about emailing a specific person from a company and requesting a “virtual interview” with them?

When I say virtual interview, I mean conductingrepparttar 131908 interview via a series of emailed questions. I have, and every single person that I emailed was more than happy to give merepparttar 131909 time of day to answer some questions about them, their job role, their history, etc. When you think about it, it’s a win-win situation for both you and that person: You add more quality content to your site, and they get promos and links back to their site from your interview (This is a must, and can berepparttar 131910 deciding factor in nailingrepparttar 131911 interview).

But just how would you go about asking for a virtual interview? And whom would you ask? Let me give you an example.

About two weeks ago, one of my editors (Tim Pabst) interviewed Markus Maki from This interview added value to our site, because inrepparttar 131912 interview Markus talked about his industry experience,repparttar 131913 development ofrepparttar 131914 3Dmark series, as well as his opinions on technology, etc. No one else has this kind of “insider” information about Markus on their site, so it makes our virtual interview one-of-a-kind.

Here’srepparttar 131915 email that Tim used to ask Markus to participate in our virtual interview:

Hi Markus, My name is Time Pabst, and I am one ofrepparttar 131916 editors for I have been a huge fan of for as long as I can remember, and I was wondering if I would be able to conduct an email-based interview with you.

This interview would consist of you answering some short questions about your life, job and experiences and simply emailing them back to me. Your questions will be compiled into an article and posted on our site.

Your interview will also include several mentions of, thus creating more links back to your site. Please let me know if and when this is possible.

I look forward to your reply. Tim Pabst

Notice howrepparttar 131917 email was short and torepparttar 131918 point? No marketing gook, no confusing sentences, just a quick description ofrepparttar 131919 who’s, what’s, when’s, why’s and how’s ofrepparttar 131920 interview.

The email was a success, andrepparttar 131921 Interview questions were sent to Markusrepparttar 131922 next day. We hadrepparttar 131923 interview onrepparttar 131924 site within a week. You can see it at

------------------------------------------ Reviews ------------------------------------------

Reviews are another great way to add some variety to your sites content. You don’t have to be a professional to review a product or web site. Reviews are merely one person’s opinion of an item with some technical babble thrown in for good measure.

I am currently inrepparttar 131925 process of reviewing Namo Web Editor 5. It is a complete web editing solution, similar to FrontPage. I decided to review this product because a lot of my visitors are newbies torepparttar 131926 web, just learning how to start programming.

Boomerang, Don't Ricochet your Web Site Visitors

Written by Judy Cullins

You don't win your visitors' trust right away. It may take from 4-7 visits before they buy. You must always give them a reason to buy, and not offend them in any way because they will ricochet to other sites. Here's some things I do to get people to keep coming back to my site:

1. Upload new, original, and useful content often.

On every Web page put a notice: Bookmark our site. We update material weekly. Then, follow up and upload those free articles, book excerpts and tips. Blatant ads such as banners turn visitors off. Give them original information they can't find anywhere else.

2. Give information away for free.

People want and expect free information on your Web site. After realizing your value as an expert, they will start to trust you, and eventually buy from you.

3. Publish your own ezine.

Target it to your specific audience. If you help people findrepparttar best career for them, collect emails from people looking to change careers.

Start with a monthly ezine, then see if you can do it bi-weekly. If you don't stay in regular touch with your possible buyers they will forget you and your products. People want to connect Online so they can trust you as their savvy friend. If they like your eMag they will recommend it to others.

4. Give people a reason to go to your site.

In your ezine, before you include your featured article, column, or other tips, place nearrepparttar 131906 top of it: Three Reasons to Visit My Site: Then give them an offer they can't refuse such as a free eReport or eBook. Next, follow that with other specials or discount offers you want to sell this particular month such as "Create Passive and Active Income with eBooks."

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