Three Way Problem Solving

Written by Steve Gillman

How do you like to solve your problems? Do you prefer to userepparttar more creative problem solving techniques, orrepparttar 144480 systematic ones? You'll getrepparttar 144481 best of both withrepparttar 144482 add-subtract-change method.

Add, Subtract, Change

I am sitting here looking at my bicycle as I write this. To come up with new ideas in bicycle design, all we have to do is look atrepparttar 144483 elements that are there and ask three things. What can we add, what can we subtract, and what can we change?

Would pet owners like a built-in dog or cat carrier? Are 18 gears necessary? There are still six gears and one less thing to break if a shifter is removed. What ifrepparttar 144484 wheels were larger orrepparttar 144485 frame made of a flexible material? What wouldrepparttar 144486 advantages be?

Personal Problems Too

The add-subtract-change technique is well suited to developing new products, but what if your having trouble sticking to an exercise plan? Will this kind of problem solving method work for personal issues? You won't know until you try it. Hmm...

Living a Life of Constant Total Amazement

Written by Dave Cole

Inrepparttar movie, Joe vsrepparttar 144479 Volcano, Joe Banks played by Tom Hanks is a loser. His life is despicable andrepparttar 144480 news is: Joe is selling his soul to his boss for a measly 300 bucks a week.

Joe is also a hypochondriac which leads him to a doctor that tells Joe he has a terminal brain cloud and only a few months to live.

So this isrepparttar 144481 wake up call Joe needs to start living. He quits his job then runs into an eccentric billionaire played by Lloyd Bridges who promises to give Joerepparttar 144482 lifestyle of a king if he will end up jumping into a volcano.

Joe agrees and it's fun to watch him go onrepparttar 144483 shopping spree going around inrepparttar 144484 white limo. Then he is transported first class by air to Los Angeles, where he meets up withrepparttar 144485 billionaire's daughter Patricia played by Meg Ryan, who is going to transport Joe to a remote island on her yacht.

One night onrepparttar 144486 yacht withrepparttar 144487 breeze gently blowing, Joe and Patricia are talking and Joe says that Patricia's life..... and life..... seem so unbelievable to him.

Patricia responds:

"My father says almostrepparttar 144488 whole world's asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant total amazement."

The whole world's asleep.....think about that for a minute.

Why was that put in there?

If you watchedrepparttar 144489 move, did that strike you as being unbelievable it was even there?

What being asleep and what waking up means is what we are going to explore forrepparttar 144490 rest ofrepparttar 144491 article.

Waking Up that's what it's about. It took a death sentence for Joe to begin waking up. When he did, he found himself entering into a world that was unbelievable and a world that most folks don't even know exists.

Let's flash forward inrepparttar 144492 movie torepparttar 144493 scene where it's night and Joe is on a raft andrepparttar 144494 moon begins to rise overhead. The moon seems so huge and awesome to Joe that as a movie watcher you become so caught up inrepparttar 144495 vastness ofrepparttar 144496 moon andrepparttar 144497 drama ofrepparttar 144498 movie that you almost become one with repparttar 144499 entire experience.

Before this inrepparttar 144500 movie he is asking himself and others repparttar 144501 question does God exist. Joe is awestruck, and in that moment of realization, he just knows that God exists and becomes so grateful for his life. The moment is one of total amazement for Joe andrepparttar 144502 movie watcher.

In that moment when Joe becomes one withrepparttar 144503 experience, he now understands.....the need for questions to be answered isn't there.....he wakes up torepparttar 144504 present moment and all repparttar 144505 present moment is trying to convey to him and finally repparttar 144506 understanding he has been seeking comes.

Most of us are lost in thought. Now we're not talking about practical thought, those thoughts you need to drive a car or solve problems, we're talking about all those thoughts which aren't needed for life - thoughts that are painful to us.

Being asleep means being lost in painful or unwanted thoughts.

The best way to explain this is for you to begin watching your thoughts. You'll see that some of these thoughts aren't very nice at all. You may be having a fight with your boss at this very moment while reading this. You may have found yourself a thousand miles away.

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