Three Tips To Help You Benefit From Golf Video Instruction

Written by Mike Pedersen

Golf video instruction can be a powerful tool in helping any golfer improve their handicap. Yet many golfers do not fully benefit from them. The reason is that their approach is wrong and they are therefore unable to benefit fromrepparttar practical advice and tips received through golf video instruction.

Here I carry three tips to help you benefit and reaprepparttar 144587 full rewards from golf video instruction tapes.

A) Watchrepparttar 144588 whole golf video instruction tape torepparttar 144589 end first and then slowly review it starting fromrepparttar 144590 beginning. Quite as you enjoy watchingrepparttar 144591 golf video forrepparttar 144592 very first time, most ofrepparttar 144593 instructions and tips will hardly be remembered. Exactlyrepparttar 144594 same thing happens when you read a book whose contents you want to retain. This is why it is very important to go throughrepparttar 144595 golf video a second time carefully taking note ofrepparttar 144596 allrepparttar 144597 instruction and tips. It is not a bade idea to record it all in a note book.

B) Apply only one golf video instruction tip at a time to your game.

Croquet - a history

Written by Peter Jay

Croquet is a classic yard game that has been played for centuries all over Europe. A game similar to croquet is believed to have been played in Ancient Rome. The current version of croquet, however, originated in aboutrepparttar 14th century by French peasants who used wooden mallets to hit wooden balls through wickets made from willow branches. Croquet became popular in Ireland inrepparttar 144525 early eighteen hundreds and transferred to England around 1851. It quickly became popular and spread throughoutrepparttar 144526 colonial empire, reaching virtually every area of British colonial rule byrepparttar 144527 year 1870. Traditionally, croquet was played on a professional playing field, withrepparttar 144528 grass trimmed, similar to a golf course. Atrepparttar 144529 turn ofrepparttar 144530 century, however, Americans, disagreeing with new English rules outlawing mallets with rubber heads, and introducing a six-wicket court, maintained their own version of nine-wicket croquet. Many Americans also developed a more simple and rugged version of nine-wicket croquet, which could be played casually in their own backyards. This isrepparttar 144531 version of croquet that many Americans know and play today. The well trimmed croquet field is still used in professional play, both in America and atrepparttar 144532 international level. Croquet was a popular game amongrepparttar 144533 youth ofrepparttar 144534 British Empire, who could use it to socialize and flirt without their parents constantly peering over their shoulders. It was initially more popular among women, but in 1874 there was a decline inrepparttar 144535 popularity ofrepparttar 144536 game among women, because it was becoming too scientific. The game also decreased in popularity as lawn tennis began to replace it, bringing in more money than croquet. Asrepparttar 144537 games popularity declined in England, it increased in America. In 1865,repparttar 144538 Newport Croquet Club in Rhode Island was formed. In 1871, Milton Bradley published “Croquet – Its Principles and rules.” In New York, in 1882, twenty-five clubs fromrepparttar 144539 National American Croquet Association. The game met with some setbacks in America, when inrepparttar 144540 1890’s,repparttar 144541 game was condemned byrepparttar 144542 Boston clergy, who spoke against it because of its association with drinking, gambling, and licentious behavior. Croquet was played as an Olympic sport inrepparttar 144543 1900 and 1904 Olympic Games.

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