Three Steps for Positive Goal Setting

Written by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

As I conduct my Time Management Seminars all over, my audiences consistently tell me they want more out of life. Almost everyone I speak with has a yearning for improving several aspects of their lives. They have dreams and goals about their future as yet unrealized.

Many come torepparttar end in life with those visions unrealized, pictures in their minds only.

Achieving goals helps us to getrepparttar 102108 "want to's in our lives. Life ought to be more than just achievingrepparttar 102109 "have to's".

I offer three important tips to help increaserepparttar 102110 probability of achieving your dreams, getting more of what you want in your life.

1. Put your goals into writing. There is something powerful about writing out what you want, getting your dream out of your head and on to a piece of paper. It then seems more realizable. It's a stonger affirmation of what you are working towards rather than having a vague, wispy notion floating around in your head.

An even stronger tool is to prepare a goal scrapbook. Nothing fancy. Get a three-ring binder and fill it with notebook paper. Then get a picture of each your goals and paste them into your new goal scrapbook. You ca go torepparttar 102111 car dealer and get a brochure ofrepparttar 102112 new car you want. Visit a travel agent and pick up brochures of your ideal vacation's destination and add that. Clip a picture of your dream house out ofrepparttar 102113 newspaper's real estate section and add this as well.

Then, each night, review your goal scrapbook and see a picture of what will surely be coming to you. It's like viewing a crystal ball and seeing your future.

2. Quantify your goals. Many do not get what they truly want in their lives because they are too vague about what they want. It is not enough to say, "I want more money" or "I want to be rich". Instead, if you write, "I want $10,000", you now have a clear target to shoot for.

3. Set a deadline. Did you ever set a New Year's resolution and never achieve it? Most people have. And most people fail to achieve their dreams because they did not include a deadline with their goal. Deadlines move us to action.

When we fail to include a deadline for our goal, when we commit to achieving it "as soon as possible",repparttar 102114 goal winds up in our "as soon as possible" pile of things I will do another day, which is probably never. Why? Because we all too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. The items that have deadlines for completion tend to bubble up in priority and importance so that we take action and achieve them.

Having written outrepparttar 102115 goal, placed a picture in our goal scrapbook, quantified it, and set a deadline, we can now break that goal down into its little component pieces so that achievement becomes realistic and manageable.

Using Visual Aids To Enhance Public Speaking

Written by Ana Ventura

Have you ever attended a lecture or discussion whererepparttar main speaker drones on and on and you wonder if he's ever going to quit? And even ifrepparttar 102107 material was interesting enough, it was too complicated to work out in your head? Yeah, we've probably all been there, which is why it's important to know how to make your public speaking skills more effective.

For merepparttar 102108 phrase "visual aids" brings back wonderful memories of countless classrooms and teachers saying, "You will be graded down withoutrepparttar 102109 use of visual aids!" However, if you haverepparttar 102110 right ones, visual aids can really make your speaking more effective.

The most common types of visual aids are graphs, sketches, maps, scale models, charts, pictures, posters, handouts, and sound or video clips. Butrepparttar 102111 number most important visual aid is you.

Your appearance, including your clothing, grooming, and facial expressions, hasrepparttar 102112 biggest impact on howrepparttar 102113 audience will react to your words.

Consider this-- let's say you go listen to a business professional talk about how to maximize your financial success. When he takes his position behindrepparttar 102114 mic, he is wearing stained jeans and an old T-shirt, and looks like he hasn't shaved in days. You are probably not going to be very impressed with him fromrepparttar 102115 start, and less inclined to take him seriously as someone withrepparttar 102116 authority to be giving you financial advice.

If you look enthusiastic about your topic, dress appropriately forrepparttar 102117 subject matter, and maintain an overall respectable appearance, you will have that much more of an advantage.

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