Three Steps for Online Success

Written by James D. Brausch

You spend money and time getting your web site just right. Your friends love it and you don't think there is any way it can miss. But then time starts to pass. Few visitors arrive and almost no one buys anything.

Unfortunately, this is how it works for more than 70 percent ofrepparttar Internet's sites. This while a lucky 15 percent of top sites pull in at least six figures per year. How do they do it?

Here isrepparttar 124274 simple, proven three-step strategy for getting a steady stream of visitors and turning them into paying customers.

1. Start by getting your web site on search engines. Almost everyone who surfsrepparttar 124275 Internet uses major search engines to find what they are looking for. Search engines are your best bet for steady, targeted traffic. But you won't get visitors just by being listed on a search engine. You need to be one ofrepparttar 124276 first few links to come up when people search for a site like yours.

Search engines all use very complex and different ways to rank sites. Experts and SEO (search engine optimization) reports can quickly show you what your site needs to do to be listed high by key search engines.

Additionally, search engines change their methods allrepparttar 124277 time. What worked last year probably isn't working today. Get up-to- date information to achieverepparttar 124278 ranking you want. This is how major corporations keep their sites busy and profitable. There is no reason why evenrepparttar 124279 smallest business can't harness this same information.

2. Next, get your site listed on pay-per-click search engines. PPC's let you pay to be listed high. Getting listed for a specific search term or keyword can cost anywhere from a penny to several dollars for every time someone clicks on your link.

10 Great Holiday Decorating Ideas...On a Budget!

Written by Kathleen Wilson

1.First things first. Set a plan or a theme for your Christmas decorating. It doesn’t cost a thing to have a good plan, and when you are working with budget ideas, this is what pulls your ideas together, and makes everything you do look purposeful, and personal. Some theme ideas for Christmas? The rustic lodge xmas, a toyland xmas, countries aroundrepparttar world, Victorian, country, santa, snowmen, old fashioned,repparttar 124273 list goes on and on!

2. Make garlands out of felt scraps. Cut Xmas shapes out of felt in miniature, mini stockings, holly leaves, mittens, and string together with needle and floss or strong fishing line to hang all overrepparttar 124274 house. Remember when you string each shape, tie a knot on both sides ofrepparttar 124275 shape to hold it in its place. You can add more dimension torepparttar 124276 shapes by cutting two of each, stuffing them lightly, them sewingrepparttar 124277 two together. Glue would work also if you aren’t a sewer. Saved used dryer sheets are perfect for this kind of stuffing, or even tiny fabric scraps that are too small for other uses.

3.Drop a tealight candle in your cleaned out glass mayonnaise jars, tie a holiday ribbon aroundrepparttar 124278 neck, and you have a beautiful candle with xmas charm. You could nestlerepparttar 124279 candle in peppermints, nuts, or even sand if you wish. Try grouping several together for a dramatic evening effect. These also make great luminaries.

4. Start a Christmas collection. This can be a great tradition to initiate in your home. My girls and I starting collecting Santas 3 years ago, and it’s something they look forward to, choosing our yearly Santa together. I know it will be a fond memory for them, and I plan to let each child choose a Santa to take with them whenrepparttar 124280 day comes that they leaverepparttar 124281 nest and start their own home. Byrepparttar 124282 way, this doesn’t have to be expensive, or even store bought. Try sewing or crafting a new decoration each year together for even more memories! Or check out your dollar store…they have some really cute ceramic holiday decorations for a buck or two. Remember, it’srepparttar 124283 memories you’re interested in here, not a collectable based on monetary value.

5. If you are looking to do a toyland theme for your Christmas decorating this year, try searching out teddy bears and dolls at your local thrift stores. Wash them in a pillowcase and put them in your dryer for at least 20 minutes, then dress them up with ribbons and holiday fabrics. Group them under your tree, on mantels, and on windowsills. Stack small squares of cardboard together and wrap as a tiny present, then tuck them under a teddy’s arm, or wrap an empty box and use it as teddy’s seat byrepparttar 124284 front door.

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