Three Steps To Building A 50K Email List In Less Than 90 Days

Written by Melvin Perry

One major asset that every internet or affiliate marketer needs is a big email list. There is a saying inrepparttar marketing world that states that “the money is inrepparttar 134255 list”. This is very true becauserepparttar 134256 biggerrepparttar 134257 list,repparttar 134258 greaterrepparttar 134259 potential income. But a common concern amongst many people marketing online is:

“How can I grow a huge guru-type email list and how long will it take?”

What many of us know inrepparttar 134260 internet marketing world is that it can take a very long time to build a list of 10,000 subscribers. And building a list to this size is a lot more complicated than sending hundreds of visitors to your website. I currently have a website that averages over 500 visitors a day. Out of those 500 visits, I will be lucky to get at least 15 subscribers per day to my list. With these statistics it will take me about 2 years to build an email list to 10,000 subscribers.

So what can you do in order to get 10,000 subscribers very quickly?

Well,repparttar 134261 focus of this article is to show you how to easily build a 50,000 subscriber opt in list in less than 90 days. What I am about to show you really works, and if you follow these steps precisely, you will see tremendous results.

Step 1: Get a Virus To Build Your List

In order for you to build a 50k opt in email list in 90 days, you need to spread your marketing message overrepparttar 134262 internet like a wild fire. The method that is best capable of doing this is known as viral marketing. Viral marketing, in its simplest meaning, is getting others to market your product or service for you and spreading it to others so that they can dorepparttar 134263 same also. I also call this wild fire marketing because as soon as your marketing message starts, it will be very difficult to stop it and to keep it from spreading acrossrepparttar 134264 internet like a wild forest fire. This isrepparttar 134265 type of response you want when you begin to grow your email list. Andrepparttar 134266 only way for you to generate this type of response is to partner up with hundreds of other marketers that will help you promote your email list in return for something. This is known as joint venturing and it is one ofrepparttar 134267 better strategies for building a huge email list. Located below is a free service that will help you combinerepparttar 134268 viral marketing component withrepparttar 134269 joint venture marketing component in order to rapidly grow your email opt in list.


Step 2: Start Promoting Your Viral List Building Machine

The next step is to promote your viral list builder so that you generate a minimum of 50 partners and fellow subscribers. There are multiple ways of promoting your viral list tool, butrepparttar 134270 easiest way to do this is through ezine solo ads. I know from experience that sending solo ads is a sure way to jumpstart any internet business. Just one solo ad mailing to a good newsletter or ezine can easily generate up to 85 partners and fellow subscribers that will help you promote your email list. Listed below is a series of ezines that provide excellent results every time I use them.

10 Simple Ways To Expand Your Subscriber List

Written by Catherine Franz

Here are 10 ways to expand your subscriber list:

1. Keep your subscription form easy to find on every web page. Preferably, add it on your navigational bar. Ifrepparttar form is to large forrepparttar 134254 bar or page, add a hyperlink and send them to a popup or a separate page so thatrepparttar 134255 previous page on your site doesn't disappear. It is easy for them to return.

2. Not only mustrepparttar 134256 form be easy to see, it also needs to be easy to read. Label each field. I've seen a few where I didn't know what to enter. Be kind to computer readers suffering from dry eyes, makerepparttar 134257 font large and easy to read.

3. Do you write your own ezine articles? Add a "please subscribe here line to your byline. Beginrepparttar 134258 line with a benefit they get from subscribing and then add a few invitational words along with a URL hyperlink. Example: "Learn more about this topic. Subscribe to [name of your ezine] by visiting...."

4. Generally, people are impulse buyers. So, give them that impulse. Give away a free ebook. Instead of letting them see thatrepparttar 134259 ebook is free. Regularly charge forrepparttar 134260 eBook. Six dollars is a good price, just explain them that it is a limited special offer.

They will perceive it even more valuable when there is a price connected to it. An example ofrepparttar 134261 wording could go like, "Normally this ebook sells for $6 at [your web site URL or even a middle man ebook site]." Always give them a reason why you are giving it to them free. Makerepparttar 134262 reason believable.

5. Do you belong to networking groups, or attend other events? Invite everyone you meet if they would like to register for your ezine. Give them a story aboutrepparttar 134263 free, but not so free, ebook offer. Always, make this offer limited. In fact, have a list of these free but-not-free ebooks, written either by you, affiliates, or from resale right products. Move them around. Put one onrepparttar 134264 calendar for January through December and then repeat themrepparttar 134265 next year. Then inrepparttar 134266 third year, change it. Also, share with them how easy it is to opt-out if they don't likerepparttar 134267 ezine and they can keeprepparttar 134268 ebook.

6. Don't stop at networking groups, contact trade or professional organizations you do or don't belong to that have a high percentage of your type of readers. Ask forrepparttar 134269 membership list. Look forrepparttar 134270 people you have identified as your gatekeepers (people that know lots of others in your target market). For accountants, it's lawyers and bankers. Call them and introduce yourself. Ask if they could recommend your ezine to a few of their friends. You can also attend their networking events and ask, ask, ask.

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