Three Keys to a Great PowerPoint!

Written by Rob J. Graves

Can you believe Microsoft PowerPoint has been around since 1987? I rememberrepparttar first time I watched someone give a presentation with PowerPoint. I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing, but I was definitely “wowed” by it.

Should you still be using PowerPoint even thoughrepparttar 150614 “wow” factor is no longer there? Absolutely. Studies show your audience will retain up to 50% more of your information just by adding visual elements to reinforce your points.

Key: Make your first impression count (or it may be your only one).

I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but Inrepparttar 150615 business world today- it’s true. Amongstrepparttar 150616 increasing information and advertising clutter, you may only have one chance to make your point. My personal philosophy is this: you will make either a positive or negative impression during that first (and maybe only) meeting. Make no mistake, a mediocre first impression is a negative first impression. First impressions are lasting and will colorrepparttar 150617 rest of your dealings with that company. So, you’d better make a good first impression or you’ll be fighting an uphill battlerepparttar 150618 rest ofrepparttar 150619 way.

Key: Your PowerPoint presentation is a powerful (often subconscious) part of that first impression.

Often, your presentation pitch will berepparttar 150620 first time many key decision makers have heard anything in detail about your company and it’s products. To gain those details they may have only two immediate sources- you and your PowerPoint. Don’t let your PowerPoint berepparttar 150621 weak link. If your PowerPoint presentation is cheap looking, sloppy and not well thought out– guess what impression your audience will gather about your company.

Overcoming Objections Over the Telephone

Written by Jay Conners

Overcoming Objections Overrepparttar Telephone

In sales, one ofrepparttar 150316 things you will be doing a lot of, is making phone calls. You can’t escape it. It just comes withrepparttar 150317 territory.

Making phone calls is really not all that bad. The thought of having to do it, is actually much worse than having to physically sit down and do it, and once you get on a roll, it’s never as bad as it seemed.

The part of making cold calling sales calls that you will find to be most painful arerepparttar 150318 objections you will be faced with, such as, and most annoying, isrepparttar 150319 hang up, which doesn’t happen as often as people think. In this particular case, I have no answer on how to meet this challenge, my suggestion would be, not to stress over it, just move ontorepparttar 150320 next phone call.

Another objection you will be faced with is: I’m not sure. I have to think about it.

My suggested response to this objection would be:

I understand that you need to think about it, but perhaps there is something I did not explain clearly enough, is there anything you would like to go over one more time? Or . . . I know when it comes to making a commitment overrepparttar 150321 phone that it is easy to become lost inrepparttar 150322 confusion of everything that has to be done and understood, is there anything I can go over with you one more time.

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