Three Important Tips Regarding Drop Shipping

Written by Jason James

There are two items needed prior to being accepted as a reseller for any wholesale or distributor source when you are setting up your business name and retail license. The first is to choose a general business name. Click this link forrepparttar simple step-by-step details on where and how to do this.

1. Set up your business name or DBA (Doing Business As) to apply to almost any business. Examples: "Netbiz", "Netecommerce", "ABC Co" "Destiny Productions". Don't limit yourself to a single business category. You can have multiple ventures and websites under one master business name.

Some sources for drop shipping state they will sell only to a specific reseller type, and if you have a general business name you can instantly become what they need. For example, if you choose Pat's Flowers for your business name and you would also like to sign up with a computer and electronics wholesaler you probably would not be approved.

2. When you fill outrepparttar 150662 simple one page form to become a reseller or drop ship agent forrepparttar 150663 company, you will be asked for sales projections. I always recommend that you estimate onrepparttar 150664 high side of potential sales, as it will get you a lower discount rate. It is, however, important to be within reason. Extremely high projections may cause you to lack credibility with your new source. Remember, this is a partnership!

3. After you place some initial purchases withrepparttar 150665 new supplier and they see that you are a valid customer, you can move torepparttar 150666 next step. (Many people who sign up to be resellers never purchase a product to resell, so you must establish yourself.) At this point, request to speak to a sales representative and ask for lower pricing thanrepparttar 150667 standard resale prices listed - be tactful!

Quickly Eliminate 100% of Your Junk Email

Written by Anthony Vita

Copyright 2005 Anthony Vita

Why do so many people think I need to take Viagra? I guess it’s forrepparttar same reason others believe I want to re-finance my home, invest in a new stock and sell my business.

Like you, I routinely receive more junk emails than legitimate ones. Do I look stupid or do they really think I wantrepparttar 150593 latest virus by opening any attachment which accompanies an unsolicited email? Aren’t there laws against spamming and why don’t they work? Perhaps these are questions for other articles. What you need to know now is that I have found a way to keep unwanted emails from ever seeing your inbox.

Forrepparttar 150594 past year I have been using a program called “Boxtrapper”. Until this time I had been relying on various spam filters that used keywords or other factors to determine if an email was spam. The success rate for this type of filtering varied as spammers eventually found ways aroundrepparttar 150595 “formula” being used byrepparttar 150596 filter. For example,repparttar 150597 word “Valium” may be flagged as a spam indicator whilerepparttar 150598 misspelled version, “Va Lium”, would get by unnoticed. This is just one of many examples of how spammers manipulate words to beat filtering. The biggest problem is when spammers “spoof”repparttar 150599 header information in an email so it’s nearly impossible to trace who sentrepparttar 150600 message. I have even seen instances of people receiving spam emails that appear to have come from themselves!

When you try to beatrepparttar 150601 spammers on this level you quickly find yourself running in circles and sadly realizing this is an ineffective way to guard against every spam email. A friend suggested I try “Boxtrapper” because it had eliminated ALL spam from his inbox. Since I have many email accounts, I decided to try it on my personal address and test its effectiveness. Immediately I could seerepparttar 150602 difference.

The reason “Boxtrapper” is so effective is because of it’s “opt-in” design. Basically, no email can reach you unlessrepparttar 150603 sender has confirmed they are legitimate. Once they have been confirmed, their email address is added to a “whitelist”. I’m sure you’ve heardrepparttar 150604 term “blacklist”, which is used to filter out names. In this case a whitelist is maintained to show who is allowed to email you.

To better understand how “Boxtrapper” works, I will explain what happens when a legitimate email from a friend comes your way. First, when a friend sends you an email, he will automatically receive an email reply (known as an “auto response”). This email will tell him to simply hit his “Reply” button and resend in order to be added to your list of accepted senders. You can fully customizerepparttar 150605 auto response message so it reads exactly how you prefer.

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