Three Gratifying Ways To Add Abundance To Your Life

Written by Catherine Franz

Abundance is intangible, spiritual and attracts energy. To attract this type of energy you need to define it, for when you name it, you can claim it. Your definition of abundance is as personal as your DNA.

Abundance isrepparttar same feeling you have when allrepparttar 125438 toothpaste is gone and you realize with a sigh that there is a spare inrepparttar 125439 cabinet. Emotional abundance is having reserves available when you need them -- a loving safety net for you to pull from when needed to balance.

Reserves also assist in maintaining a strong personal foundation or who you are. Awareness and a place to keep those reserves, even if they are only clearly defined in your mind, are emotionally important. When committing those reserves to memory, it helps to work through them in writing and record them.

Sincerepparttar 125440 definition of abundance is vast and personal, let us focus on four areas of reserves for now -- peace, joy, happiness and love -- to awaken awareness and build those reserves for added support to your personal foundation.


Peace begins withinrepparttar 125441 soul and is felt inrepparttar 125442 present moment. Negative emotions still lingering fromrepparttar 125443 past hold you hostage and need to be let go in order to have abundance inrepparttar 125444 present.

Here is a simple and effective way to let go. Close your eyes and allow any past negative energy to emerge into active memory. Atrepparttar 125445 same time, visualize picking up a small stone with your non-dominant hand and placing it carefully in your dominant hand. Close that hand gently onrepparttar 125446 stone. Takerepparttar 125447 built up energy and move it intorepparttar 125448 stone. Feel it leaving your body. When that energy has moved intorepparttar 125449 stone, open your eyes. Now throwrepparttar 125450 stone, as if tossing it across a river, and begin repeating something such as: "X, you are gone forever. Good riddance."

Repeat this mantra faster and faster overrepparttar 125451 next few days until it is a quick thought and feeling that whooshes through your body until itís emotional hold is gone. Afterwards, write an affirmation statement such as: "I am..." to replace it with positive energy. To enrich this visualization, throw a real stone into water and place that sound into memory.

Here is another technique that helps you switch from past to present. Journal for 10 minutes. Atrepparttar 125452 end of that time, write a summary sentence, then rewrite it and begin to change itís energy with statements such as: "I am no longer a hostage of X. I am no longer allowing this to place my life on hold. I am free and at peace with it once and for all." Then shorten into an affirmation statement of ten or less words. Keep repeating this affirmation either eye-to- eye in front of a mirror or eye-to-eye with a friend until there is no longer any emotion attached.

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