Three Easy Ways to Keep Customers

Written by Lisa Lake

It is far more easy, and less expensive, to keep customers than to try and get new ones. So even though your company relies on adding to its customer base, don't makerepparttar mistake of only investing in new customers! Here are some strategies that will help you retain your customers and will even get them to purchase more of your company's products and services.

Make it easy for customers to give you feedback. Probably one ofrepparttar 127263 most profitable activities you can engage in is to hear your customer's complaints and other comments. Provide customer support as quickly as possible. If you are unable to fix a problem right away, assurerepparttar 127264 customer that you are working on it and promise to provide regular progress reports. Make sure you keep your promise!

It is beneficial to learn how to comfort angry customers. Allowrepparttar 127265 customer to vent. Assure them that you understand his or her feelings. Find out exactly what they want and suggest a solution or see what he or she would consider to be fair. Follow-up withrepparttar 127266 customer to ensure that they are satisfied. Keep in mind that it'srepparttar 127267 customers who have had problems who becomerepparttar 127268 most loyal when their problems are handled effectively.

The Little Things Count--8 Things to Remember When Designing a Direct Sales Piece

Written by Keller Flynn

When it comes to designing a direct sales piece, whether it be a brochure or a sales letter,repparttar little things really do count. Focus as much on presentation as you do onrepparttar 127262 message.

Keep these 10 essential tips in mind when designing your direct sales piece, and your results will go throughrepparttar 127263 roof:

1. Bullet Points - The human eye is drawn to text that is preceded by a bullet point. Bullet points shout torepparttar 127264 reader, "Pay special attention to me! I am important!"

Write up a laundry list of benefits. Make them easy to read so prospects can skim through them quickly and getrepparttar 127265 gist of what you can do for them. And always keep your laundry list of benefits bulleted sorepparttar 127266 reader can't miss it.

2. Cliff-hangers - Continuerepparttar 127267 last sentence of your paragraph onrepparttar 127268 next page of your direct sales piece. Try to ask a question or give a solution. This technique is called a cliff- hanger. If your reader wants to find out what will happen, he/she will have to turnrepparttar 127269 page. Because so many people fail to make it torepparttar 127270 second page of a direct sales piece, it is essential to use cliff-hangers to hook your readers.

3. Simple Layout - Don't confuse your reader with tricky layout. Keep your indents, underlining, centering and subheadings consistent. And don't justify your right margins.

4. Mini-headlines - You can use paragraph headings like mini- headlines to help your message stand out and keeprepparttar 127271 reader's eye flowing downrepparttar 127272 page. Keep these headingsrepparttar 127273 same color as your letterhead to give them that extra oomph.

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