Three Easy Steps to Stress-Free Teleclass and Audio Recordings

Written by Barbra Sundquist

Three Steps to Stress-Free Teleclass and Audio Recordings

by Barbra Sundquist, Certified Mentor Coach

If you want to record: - a client call you are recording to submit for certification - a teleclass you are leading - an interview you are conducting - anything else

You need to be able to: - Easily turn onrepparttar recording system on and off - getrepparttar 137844 finished recording in an MP3 format so that you and others can listen to it


Go to and sign up for a free bridge line (this is a fully functional bridge line with your own private PIN number)


Ive done a lot of research on this subject and tried out many systems. In my experiencerepparttar 137845 best two services for ease of use, customer support and value for your dollar are:

1) ($10 per recording). I recommend you choose this option if you only make one or two recordings a month. Please note that this service provides only recording fromrepparttar 137846 telephone (not from your computer).

2) ($19.95 month for unlimited recordings). I recommend you use if you make 2 or more recordings a month. This service has more more features thanrepparttar 137847 one above. In particular, you can record from your telephone or directly into your computer.

Step three: HOW TO DO IT

Using Option #1

1) you and your caller(s) phone into your bridge line as usual (it has to be a bridge line)

2) when you are ready to begin recording, press *2 on your phone and it will ask you for a recording file number. Just namerepparttar 137848 file whatever you will remember using your touch-tone phone (example: if you punch in 4545, this will be your recorded file number for this recording).

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