Three Cost Effective Ways to Get Bumper-to-Bumper Traffic Using Your Vehicle

Written by Mike Snyder

The following traffic generating ideas do not require costly set-up fees or minimum orders. Two of them can be printed in full color with no extra charge. They all can be given away at trade shows, as free gifts with orders, to new newsletter subscribers, etc. Try one or all three and watch your web traffic increase next time your vehicle is caught in traffic.

1.) Vinyl Lettering - Peel and stick individual vinyl letters on your bumper or rear window to spell your out URL. You can usually find vinyl lettering at your local hardware store or craft shop. The hardware store usually only has black on white or white on black. Online craft supply stores such as Dick Blick Art Materials,, or offer several colors of vinyl letters.

Why advertise for your car dealer? Carefully peel offrepparttar car dealers vinyl sticker onrepparttar 124431 rear of your car and replace or cover it with your own URL. One disadvantage of using vinyl, it is usually only available in all upper case.

2.) License Plate Frames - A lot of car dealers put their own license plate frames on new and used cars so you can advertise for them while driving around. Why not replace it with your own license plate frame and advertise your website? If you haverepparttar 124432 right size vinyl letters, you can stick them overrepparttar 124433 existing frame. Sometimes you can simply turnrepparttar 124434 frame over and stickrepparttar 124435 vinyl letters onrepparttar 124436 blank back. For less than fifteen bucks you can design your own custom full color metal license plate frame at Here are a few sample license plate frames:

3.) Bumper Stickers - Got a rusty bumper? Why not cover it up with your URL? Think of a catchy slogan that relates to your website and make sure to include your URL onrepparttar 124437 bumper sticker. You can find many do-it-yourself bumper sticker kits available from just about any store that sells office supplies. I have not tried any of them so I can not comment on how well they last. I have made custom bumper stickers at that seem to last. Here is one example:

Offline Advertising for Online Companies

Written by Michele Borowsky

The goal of any business should be to reachrepparttar most amount of people possible withrepparttar 124430 right message atrepparttar 124431 right time and forrepparttar 124432 right reason. Many people with online companies are missing out completely when all they do is networking, search engine optimization, and some scattered direct mail to small amounts of people.

The majority of consumable dollars, by a very wide margin, are spent offline. The majority of people are spending more than 20 hours per week watching television. The majority of people also spend more than 10 hours per week listening torepparttar 124433 radio.

Have you ever heard of companies like eBay, Travelocity, Priceline, or Monster? Sure you have. You may think thatrepparttar 124434 online environment is where you’ve heard about them. Sorry, you and everyone else are aware of these names due to offline advertising and marketing.

Even though your business is much smaller than these, you need to look into and take advantage of offline opportunities. It does not matter what category of business you are in…. you could be in network marketing, business services, giftware, or whatever. Your company can and should benefit from using offline surface exposure media.

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