Three Card Poker Betting

Written by Stanley Majors

A player must be aware of how to place bets in three card poker. The playing area both live and online will have three areas where you place bets. The three areas are as follows:

1) Ante

Here one places a bet atrepparttar start ofrepparttar 136170 game and it is mandatory. You place this bet before you see your cards.

2) Play (sometimes called Raise)

Here one places an amount equal torepparttar 136171 ante if you want to seerepparttar 136172 dealer's cards. You will be able to see your cards before placing this bet. If you are not happy with your hand, you can fold at this stage and do not place any money onrepparttar 136173 Play area.

3) Pair+

Here you place an optional bet inrepparttar 136174 hope of you getting a pair or better three card poker hand. You can place any amount here and you must place this bet before you seerepparttar 136175 cards you are dealt. If you do get a pair or better hand you get paid out an extra bonus amount.

The payout ofrepparttar 136176 winnings is determined ifrepparttar 136177 dealers hand “qualifies”. The term “qualifies” means ifrepparttar 136178 dealer's hand has a queen high or better hand.

Ifrepparttar 136179 dealer qualifies and you beat him,repparttar 136180 dealer covers your bet and raise. For example, if you placed $10 onrepparttar 136181 ante and then raiserepparttar 136182 dealer, you will get paid back $40. The $40 is split as follows $20 that you placed and $20 dollars fromrepparttar 136183 dealer to cover your bets.

Limit Texas Holdem Poker

Written by Stanley Majors

Limit Texas Holdem Poker isrepparttar most popular type of holdem poker, attracting many novice poker players. The reason it is so popular is becauserepparttar 136169 betting is not too aggressive. The stakes are not high and becauserepparttar 136170 betting is limited, you can easily compete with very little money.

If you are playing at a 50c/$1 Limit Texas Holdem Poker table,repparttar 136171 betting will be limited to increments of 50c forrepparttar 136172 pre-flop and flop, and $1 forrepparttar 136173 Turn and River rounds.

If you are unfamiliar with these poker terms then readrepparttar 136174 Texas Holdem Poker Terms article for a clear explanation of what they mean.

In Limit poker roomsrepparttar 136175 best poker hand most often wins, because players are more likely to stay inrepparttar 136176 game and force a showdown. If you were playing in a No Limit Poker Room players are more likely to fold beforerepparttar 136177 turn or river, than risk losing a large piece of their stack.

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