Three Aspects Should Work Together To Generate Sales

Written by David Hendrjaya

Three main aspects are promotions, website content, and follow-up. Why only three, not five or ten? OK let we explain; Before we continue, there are 1 human psychology that always based their deed is "ware". Peoples are very ware when they make a decision to purchase your products or not.

This psychology could be handle using three aspects above. If you can handle it, you will generate so much sales.

Aspect #1 : Promotions

I used E-zine advertising here as an example, but could be work in another promotion tools. Reason why I used E-zine because e-zine advertising isrepparttar best, could make thousands hits with little money to spend. Second best is Banner Advertising.

Do you know what exactlyrepparttar 100968 job of e-zine? Your e-zine only have one job is generate hits to your main website. Don't try to sell your products in your e-zine, just "push" him to visit your site. Don't hope your e-zine will making sales atrepparttar 100969 first time. Remember! advertisements only a "door" to your website. If they open your "door", that mean your e-zine work good. Than let your website content to handlerepparttar 100970 next job.

Aspect #2 : Website Content

The next job is how-to substantiate your products. This is your website content job. Website content could contain facts, explanations, benefits, testimonials if possible, and comfortable. Peoples who visit your site is one of three types below:

Peoples who just surf your site, they just want to know about your offer (1 % of them will become your consumers) Peoples who interest what you offer in your e-zine and they want to find out more (10% of them will become your consumers) People who really interest and they absolutely need product like yours (20% of them will become your consumers) Than we got 31% of your visitor should purchased your products if your website content could "force" him to buy it. Average hits when you advertising using e-zine are 1% - 10% of total subscribers, even you advertise in "most wanted" e-zine advertising website.

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