Three 30 Day Journaling Ideas

Written by Doreene Clement

Three 30 Day Journaling Ideas By Doreene Clement Here are 3 journaling ideas that can contribute to, and enhance your life. You can use a notebook, The 5 Year Journal, a blank book, even a computer.

1. Start a 30 day goal journal. Pick one specific goal. "I want to lose 20 pounds." "I want to change careers." "I want to write a novel." Journal everyday forrepparttar next 30 days just about that goal. Why you wantrepparttar 145626 goal. How you will achieve your goal,repparttar 145627 actions you will take. Your feelings about yourself as you move toward your goal.

2. Journal forrepparttar 145628 next 30 days what you are grateful for. Take time each day to

Concept Combination For Creative Problem Solving

Written by Steve Gillman

There are many creative problem solving techniques used by inventors to come up with new solutions to old problems. For sheer innovation, though, it's hard to beatrepparttar technique of concept-combination. Just start combining ideas and things, and voila, you're having fun - and maybe creating something new.

Innovation or Inovation?

Combiningrepparttar 145544 concept of search engine misspellings with article writing gave me "inovation." What good is that? Well, now that I've usedrepparttar 145545 misspelled word twice,repparttar 145546 thousand people every month that type "inovation" into search engines can find this article.

"Search engine" combined with "people," could lead torepparttar 145547 first search engine devoted entirely to information on individuals. "People" plus "advertising" might lead torepparttar 145548 first large-scale paid-tatoo-placement campaign. Want a monthly stipend for having a Coke logo on your forehead?

Much ofrepparttar 145549 innovation you see inrepparttar 145550 business world is nothing more than combining existing ideas. For a ton of new business ideas, just combinerepparttar 145551 concept of "home delivery" with almost anything. Parties, tax preparers, rental swimming pools? Would people pay to have these things delivered?

Using Creative Problem Solving Techniques

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