Three ‘HOT TICKET’ events from Superbreak

Written by Robin Richmond

Guys And Dolls, Ascot @ York And The Grand Prix   Three ofrepparttar UK’s ‘hot tickets’ events of 2005 are available from Superbreak  The short break specialist has put together accommodation packages torepparttar 142835 new Guys and Dolls musical starring Ewan Macgregor in London; Royal Ascot, which this year is taking place in York andrepparttar 142836 British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone. GUYS AND DOLLS - £94.50pp – Guys and Dolls marksrepparttar 142837 return of one ofrepparttar 142838 greatest musicals of all time, withrepparttar 142839 first new production in 23 years of Frank Loesser's classic starring Ewan McGregor at London’s Piccadilly Theatre.  Guys and Dolls tellsrepparttar 142840 story of a small group of small-time gamblers andrepparttar 142841 ladies in their lives. Stay atrepparttar 142842 two star Regent Palace hotel which is situated literally next door torepparttar 142843 theatre.  The price of £94.50 per person includes one night’s accommodation with full breakfast and a Grand Circle ticket to seerepparttar 142844 show.  Valid Monday - Friday from 20th June.  Based on two sharing.

What Your Luggage Tells Others About You

Written by Flor Bonifacio

Airports are fascinating places. Inrepparttar midst of allrepparttar 142818 rush isrepparttar 142819 enforced waiting. Waiting that people make use of in all sorts of ways. One ofrepparttar 142820 things that I enjoy most doing is looking at people’s luggage and imagining what they do for a living, where they’ve been, where they’re going to and what they might be like if I knew them.

There are two fertile points where I do my luggage musings. The first one is on departure as I queue up to check in my luggage withrepparttar 142821 rest ofrepparttar 142822 throng. The other is upon arrival as I wait for my belongings inrepparttar 142823 luggage carousel.

There arerepparttar 142824 easy to decipher luggages. One of them isrepparttar 142825 standard airline sized black luggage with wheels and retractable handles that most corporate executives –everrepparttar 142826 efficient time managers - carry. Most of these time saver luggages do not end up in carousels nor are they checked in, as they now fall intorepparttar 142827 hand-carry luggage that can be wheeled (just) alongrepparttar 142828 jumbo jet’s tiny middle aisle, stored inrepparttar 142829 overhead lockers (again just), and whisked out ofrepparttar 142830 plane andrepparttar 142831 airport forrepparttar 142832 next boardroom meeting halfway aroundrepparttar 142833 globe,

Another easy to figure out luggage isrepparttar 142834 humongous backpack carried byrepparttar 142835 globe-trotting young person out to experiencerepparttar 142836 world on a tight budget. Their backpacks are normally double their size and weight and in them I would imagine would be blankets not usually provided in cheap backpacker hostels and pots and pans that might come in handy when they run out of money and need to camp out forrepparttar 142837 night.

A hard one for me isrepparttar 142838 hard case Samsonite luggage andrepparttar 142839 person that comes with it. They seem to fall into all sorts of categories. They could be rich widows who are going to Europe to while away their time and need a few Samsonite hard case luggages with combination locks to secure their diamonds and pearls.

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