Those Not-So-Beaut Information Products

Written by Elena Fawkner

Every man and his dog will tell you thatrepparttar Internet is an information medium and this is precisely why one ofrepparttar 117807 greatest commodities you can sell online is information.

Many of you reading this article will already have been suckered into believing that you can run a real "business" selling ebooks from your site and may have even spent countless hours creating a you-beaut site to showcase repparttar 117808 ebooks and various other forms of informational products you have for sale. Why have your sales been so disappointing?

Quite simply, you're wasting your time.

Granted,repparttar 117809 Internet IS an information medium. Granted, information products DO sell very nicely indeed online. But not if all you're doing is selling someone else's product in isolation. You will not generate an income from promoting repparttar 117810 latest Internet marketing guru's "insider secrets" marketing course. Sure, you may make a sale here or there but you'll also be spending a fortune in advertising. Don't believe them when they tell you you will make thousands promoting their products, if that's ALL you're doing. Despite whatrepparttar 117811 "gurus" would have you believe, it just ain't gonna happen!


Because people need to have a reason to seek out your site.

How do you give people a reason to seek out your site?

Provide them withrepparttar 117812 information they're looking for. In other words, in order to sell information products from your site (or anything else for that matter) you must first create a content-rich site that containsrepparttar 117813 sort of informationrepparttar 117814 target audience for what you sell is looking for. Then, and ONLY then, will you have evenrepparttar 117815 chance to sellrepparttar 117816 information product.

There are a number of products out there that have done EXTREMELY well for their authors by being bundled with resale rights. In other words, if you buyrepparttar 117817 product, you then haverepparttar 117818 right to resell it to others. These products typically sell you onrepparttar 117819 notion that you, just likerepparttar 117820 author, can make thousands of dollars each month reselling repparttar 117821 book.

There's just one teensy bit of informationrepparttar 117822 author neglects to mention. Although he "gives you" a website, just likerepparttar 117823 one you visited when you boughtrepparttar 117824 book, if you want it you must host it withrepparttar 117825 author. For a monthly fee.

The product contains links to other products and sources that you can't change. Guess who getsrepparttar 117826 commission every time one of these links is used to make a purchase? You? Hah! Author again.

And forget about choosing who you use for your payment processor. 9 times out of 10 you're forced to use a payment processor designated byrepparttar 117827 author because, of course, he's negotiatedrepparttar 117828 best possible deal. For you. Yeah right. He gets a commission of every sale you make.

Why I Need A 16 Hour Work Day

Written by Joe Bingham

Often, I gripe about being behind on my work and how I have so much to do. I'm not unique in this, we all do it. It's just part of human nature. What's funny about it, however, is when I take a close look atrepparttar real reasons why I am behind and overworked.

Typically, I work a 16 hour day. Yes, my work day is 16 hours, minusrepparttar 117806 distractions that is. Afterrepparttar 117807 distraction time is removed from that 16 hours, who knows how much time is left for actual work.

I know, let's figure it out. Here is a quick list of some of those distractions andrepparttar 117808 approximate time they cost me.

"Honey Come Here" -- This distraction consists of opening jars, getting things down offrepparttar 117809 high shelves, walking allrepparttar 117810 way torepparttar 117811 other end ofrepparttar 117812 house to hand something to my wife that was only 4 feet from where she was seated inrepparttar 117813 first place, fixing things, explaining what I'm doing, running off door to door salesmen, and giving kisses.

Time Lost: 2 hours

"Honey Where Are You?" -- This consists of me looking for my wife so I can flirt with her and occasionally... well, that's none of your business.

Time Lost: 1 hour (or so)

"Honey! They're not listening to me!" -- This is time spent beingrepparttar 117814 global superpower that backs up all of Mom's threatening statements torepparttar 117815 kids.

Time Lost: 1 hour

"Dad!" -- This consists of stopping fights, taking away sharp objects, explaining why rooms must be cleaned, helping with homework, stopping fights, holding down body parts while Mom digs out slivers, getting down cups, hiding or throwing away markers and glue, and stopping fights.

Time Lost: 1.5 hours

Sweaty Rump -- Duringrepparttar 117816 rare occasion that I'm left alone to work for a long period of time, sometimes I just need to stand up and 'air' out.

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