Those Ellusive Crab and Prawn Traps

Written by Valerie Giles

If you are a boater, in particular a sea or ocean-going boater, you have probably tried your hand at catching prawns and/or crabs with their respective pots. And if you have tried this, then you know how many traps or pots you have lost overrepparttar years! But it is so rewarding whenrepparttar 150544 traps come up with our dinner, that we try it again, over and over every year.

This isrepparttar 150545 story of our weekend boating trip and yet another lost prawn trap. My husband and I have been boating for several years with friends on their Bayliner onrepparttar 150546 west coast and enjoy our excursions throughrepparttar 150547 San Juan Islands in Washington state andrepparttar 150548 Gulf Islands in British Columbia. Crabbing and prawn trapping is very popular among both pleasure boaters and commercial fisherman in these areas.

Our friend Jan had just had another birthday and her husband Hank decided to buy her something that they could both enjoy. You guessed it, a prawn trap. Out they went atrepparttar 150549 first opportunity early one morning in July and dropped their prawn trap overrepparttar 150550 side of their Bayliner. The attached float was clearly visible to other boaters and had their name and boat registration number painted onrepparttar 150551 side. Asrepparttar 150552 day progressed, they decided it was time to checkrepparttar 150553 prawn trap for booty. Dreaming ofrepparttar 150554 delectable dinner that awaited them, they took off in their dinghy to checkrepparttar 150555 trap. Around and around they went looking for their trap, but it was not to be found. They took their bearings fromrepparttar 150556 land and were sure that they were inrepparttar 150557 correct spot, but no such luck. Once again, yet another prawn trap had disappeared. Back to their yacht and a dinner of pork and beans.

The next morning they weighed anchor and started off forrepparttar 150558 next day's location, looking as they went forrepparttar 150559 missing prawn trap. It was becoming obvious to them, that it was gone.

The following weekend, my husband and I were invited on board their yacht forrepparttar 150560 weekend. It was a beautiful weekend as we headed out acrossrepparttar 150561 straits towardsrepparttar 150562 islands where we intended to drop anchor and spendrepparttar 150563 night onrepparttar 150564 hook in a secluded cove. The weather was sunny and warm andrepparttar 150565 winds very calm. We spentrepparttar 150566 night and enjoyedrepparttar 150567 company and conversation. Lots of laughter, especially onrepparttar 150568 topic of missing crab and prawn traps. We kidded our friends about losing another trap. "How many is that, this year?" we asked. "Too many," they replied.

Altinkum Property Boom - It's Time to Start Living the Life You've Imagined

Written by Laura Bower - Turquoise Homes

“It’s Time To Start Living The Life You’ve Imagined”

This quotation, attributed torepparttar American author, Henry James, captures perfectlyrepparttar 150543 mood among property buyers in Altinkum, Turkey. James would have been intrigued byrepparttar 150544 excitement rushing through this Aegean resort - an excitement that started in 2002 withrepparttar 150545 change in laws allowing foreign nationals to own property in Turkey in their own names, and now fuelled by intense interest fromrepparttar 150546 British media andrepparttar 150547 experiences of early investors.

Until a few years ago, Altinkum was purely a holiday town. An arc of golden sand running gently down into a turquoise sea, so perfectly clear that inrepparttar 150548 shallows,repparttar 150549 fish skimming around a bather's feet appear to be swimming in glass. A beachfront lined with small bars selling typical Turkish food and international favourites, a small central square with stalls of trinkets for souvenir hunters, and one nightclub summed uprepparttar 150550 total of Altinkum's tourist facilities.

Now property isrepparttar 150551 main industry of Altinkum, andrepparttar 150552 once minor resort in Turkey has become an investor's dream. Specialist magazines like A Place In The Sun and Homes Overseas have featured articles onrepparttar 150553 Altinkum gold rush, andrepparttar 150554 property boom has even caughtrepparttar 150555 attention ofrepparttar 150556 national press and television stations with news stories and TV programmes hailing Turkey asrepparttar 150557 next Spain and Altinkum asrepparttar 150558 new Marbella.

The Altinkum locals have responded in kind, ploughing billions of lira into regeneratingrepparttar 150559 area. The main highway intorepparttar 150560 resort is now a tree-lined boulevard, with flower beds liningrepparttar 150561 pavements. Alongrepparttar 150562 main beach runs a paved promenade studded with palm trees, and a marina and golf course will completerepparttar 150563 transition from dusty town to cosmopolitan resort.

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