Those Annoying Spam Emails

Written by Lee Dobbins

Commonly referred to as spam, unsolicited commercial email is becoming a big problem today. If you’ve ever had your email address on a spam list, then you know how annoying it is to have to wade through dozens of advertisements to get torepparttar mail you want to read. Although there are laws in place, it is unlikely that people who send spam will adhere to these laws so your best defense is to filter as much of it as you can through software and protect your email address from being added to more lists.

What Spam Looks Like

Usuallyrepparttar 139239 emails are from some fake looking name and many of them may have subjects that try to lure you into opening them by promising a stock tip, pretending to be your friend or acting like they need information for an application that you never filled out. When you get an email like this that seems suspicious it is best to just delete it.

How Did They Get Your Address In The First Place?

Sadly enough, most spammers got your email address because you gave it to them! Sometimes when you order something your email gets sold to a list, but most times it is harvested from a web site. If you have your email listed in an online advertisement, on a website or have published it in a forum, it is likely that it will be harvested for one of these lists.

Great Plains Bill of Materials Setup & Customization for Process Manufacturing – overview for consultant

Written by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Great Plains has full-featured Manufacturing suite of modules: Capacity Requirements Planning, Job Costing, Master Production Scheduling, Materials Requirements Planning, etc. However Microsoft Great Manufacturing serves so-called discrete manufacturing market niche. Atrepparttar same time Great Plains fits to mid-size companies, where manufacturing processes might be categorized as light assembly. One of our clients, mid-size crane trucks manufacturing facility recently outsourced allrepparttar 139214 parts assembly to overseas partners and concentrated on sales, distribution, leasing and only light final assembly. This small article describes you how you could deploy Microsoft Great Plains Bill or Materials in process manufacturing. We will describe combination of Sales Order Processing (SOP) module to get customer orders, Bill of Materials (BOM) to assembly forrepparttar 139215 order, Inventory Control (IV) to allocate materials and Purchase Order Processing (POP) to replenish inventory •Order Taking. In SOP you create Sales Order and you use standard functionality – place order inrepparttar 139216 batch and then uponrepparttar 139217 completion you transfer order to Invoice to billrepparttar 139218 customer. If you participate in international business, you should take advantage from Multicurrency (MC) feature, expanded on SOP (Euro, Yen, Yuan, Peso, Real, etc.). •Manufacturing. Inrepparttar 139219 case of light process or discrete manufacturing we recommend you to call Bill of Materials engine uponrepparttar 139220 saving of Sales Order to allocate assembled part into final product. This is classical Great Plains Dexterity customization, which should be tuned to your specific customer needs and this work could be done by Great Plains Dexterity Source Code partner only.

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