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Written by Thomas Cutler

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Corporate Elder Care Program Assists South Florida Companies

Written by Thomas Cutler

Seventeen percent (17%) of caregivers quit their jobs to provide care for aging family members, and another 15 percent reduce their work hours to assist their loved ones.

This shocking loss of employee productivity is hitting South Florida businesses very hard as more Boomers have senior parents who require caregiving.

To stop this workforce hemorrhaging South Florida companies are looking for methods to provide assistance in caregiving to employees to keep them onrepparttar job and productive, while being sensitive torepparttar 146487 needs ofrepparttar 146488 employee.

There have been attempts at Corporate Elder Care programs, however few as comprehensive at A Good Daughter, ( based in Margate.

According to Olga Brunner, President, “Our Corporate Elder Care program was developed to help employees balance job responsibilities and caregiving. Our Professional Care Managers plan and organize care and services forrepparttar 146489 employees of Broward and Palm Beach elderly population, affording families a peace of mind that their loved ones will find and secure services such as ongoing supervision of certified home care assistants, home maintenance and care, medication supervision, coordination of medical appointments and representation at these appointments, legal counsel, specialized air travel escorts, and many other services.”

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