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How To Write A Better Newsletter!

Written by BB Lee

Article May Be Freely Reproduced In Your Online Newsletter Or Website. Include All Links And Resource Box.


Write A Better Newsletter by BB Lee (C)2004 email questions

(518 Words)

You've decided to write your very own Newsletter to promote your business, communicate with your customers, or just for FUN.

You've read hundreds of newsletters.

You've also noticed many of these newsletters lack original material.

They are identical in format and/or article content!

Don't Fall Into That Easy Trap!

The following tips will helprepparttar new newsletter writer/ publisher create a better newsletter.

Know Who You Are Writing For. This sounds simple enough, you must know your readers. What are their demographics. Are they male, female, young, old, middle income, high income, getting by, just starting out, looking for business opportunities, looking for work at home jobs, stay at home moms, business women or men. Learn to selectrepparttar 124199 articles that reflect your readers interest.

Establish A Publishing Schedule. Professionals publish on a regular basis.

Make that your goal!

A regular publishing schedule will also assist you when you accept articles from writers. The contributors will have an idea when to submit articles. And this will also assist in scheduling your ads. You will know how to schedule ads, knowing what issue they will appear in, according to your publishing schedule.

Stick To Your Plan Like Glue. If you plan your issuesrepparttar 124200 1'st of every month stick to it. Don't publish erratically. You will lose readers or they may forget they subscribed to your newsletter because of your irregular publishing schedule.

Proofread. Proofreading is very critical torepparttar 124201 publishing process. Every publisher must proofreadrepparttar 124202 newsletter before it is sent out. Takerepparttar 124203 time to correct any spelling or grammar errors. This will improverepparttar 124204 quality of your publication. Run your spell check program and then go overrepparttar 124205 text with your own eyes looking for common errorsrepparttar 124206 program may have ignored like substituting two for too, or their for they're.

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