This Season Has A Wonderful Mix of Cuts and Styles

Written by Sher Matsen

Summer is here so it’s time to freshen up that wardrobe and make your fashion statement forrepparttar season. If you’ve had a look aroundrepparttar 148474 stores or boutiques you’ll notice some ofrepparttar 148475 pretties clothes and accessories are displaying fruit. Very upbeat and refreshing afterrepparttar 148476 winter blah. Well placed appliqués, amusing details, juicy colors make these articles of clothing girlish and flirty. The perfect look for weekends and casual days. We’ve got cherry print dresses, pineapple topped shirts, melon and kiwi print pants and host of other deliciously flavorable garments. If your wardrobe doesn’t consist of a lot of fruit why not added some fruit jewelry, Lemons, grapes, cherries – what ever your favorite you’ll be in style. Some of our favorite designer fashion fruit picks this month are: A cotton graphic T from J Crews selling for $28.00 Satin cropped fruited pants from D&G seliing for $365.00 available at Neiman Marcus stores A Silk cherry print skirt by Beth Bowley selling for $170.00 A cotton cherry print dress by Moschino Jeanna selling for $430 at Sloan Leather shoes with faux wood heal from Faryl-robin selling for $89.00 Rhinestone and Lucite lemon necklace from Alexis Bittar selling for $212 Straw hat with glass fruit charms from Hat Attack selling for $88 at Big Drop Canvas cherry wallet with strap from Louis Vuitton selling for $300

Yes my picks are designer picks and a little bit onrepparttar 148477 pricey side, but you will find similar garments for affordable pricing at your local shops. You’ll find affordable blouses, t tops, pants, skirts, and dresses that fit this seasons look. Affordable costume jewelry inrepparttar 148478 fruity theme can be found online at several different stores including us at Estate Jewelry International. The fruity jewelry dating fromrepparttar 148479 1950s is a wonderful new addition for this season

Fabuluous New Wedding Band Styles

Written by Sher Matsen

You’ve decided to tierepparttar knot and now you’ve got some wedding band shopping to do. Your wedding band is a ring your going to wear allrepparttar 148473 time so it’s important to choose a ring you “really like,” one that truly “touches your heart.”

A reader survey completed recently in Bride's magazine found 80% of respondents wanting a "traditional" wedding. In todays world what defines traditional is wide open for interpretation. Many weddings will haverepparttar 148474 traditional core but be customized torepparttar 148475 bride and grooms personal tastes.

Traditional usually means white gown, church ceremony, full reception, completed with a honeymoon getaway. When it comes to wedding bands tradition and modern style are quickly entwining to produce some fabulous new wedding band styles. So you ask, what isrepparttar 148476 hottest styles in wedding bands?

Well, one think is for certain. Diamonds are still a girls’ best friend and are very quickly becoming a guys best friend too! Inrepparttar 148477 past few years there has been a record number of diamond wedding bands being purchased for guys. Men have finally figured out what women have always known about diamonds. Diamonds are elegant, classy, and sophisticated. The most popular bands are flush settings in gold, platinum, or titanium. Usuallyrepparttar 148478 diamond is one carat or less. Another popular setting is small diamonds placed geometrically aroundrepparttar 148479 entire band.

So they say what’s good forrepparttar 148480 goose is good forrepparttar 148481 gander right? That’s why today’s brides have no problem wearing matching bands to their new husbands. After all women have always hadrepparttar 148482 finer taste forrepparttar 148483 beauty of diamonds. Today brides and grooms have many choices.

They can buy matching bands or similar bands that accent each other. Designers are now producing coordinating engagement rings and wedding bands. So rather than choosing a set, you can now mix and match. This allows for more personal taste and for more uniqueness.

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