Thirty Creative Ways to Use Business Cards

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

Onrepparttar Back

1. Print a team's sports schedule onrepparttar 124466 back. Fans will keep them handy and keep your name in front of them

2. Print a special discount offer or coupon onrepparttar 124467 back. People will keep it because they intend to userepparttar 124468 coupon.

3. If you do seminars, print key principals onrepparttar 124469 back. Your attendees will refer to them later and think of you.

4. Hand write onrepparttar 124470 back your "unlisted" 800 number. This adds value to your card, making people keep it longer because they don't want to loserepparttar 124471 special number.

Ad Specialties

5. Makerepparttar 124472 business cardrepparttar 124473 ad specialty: Print your company information on letter openers, CD openers, magnets, pens, highlighters, keychains, mousepads, mugs, luggage tags, and other items that people will keep because they are useful.

6. Attach a business card to an ad specialty: For example, give business card holders as a thank you gift and place your business card in asrepparttar 124474 first one. Or, have your card designed as a Rolodex card

7. If you routinely give out seasonal gifts or specialties, attach your business card. Examples: candy canes at Christmas, heart shaped containers filled with candy for Valentine's Day, or even a sandwich bag of candy with a card stapled to it.

Unique Places to Put Them

8. Tuck them intorepparttar 124475 product before delivery: If you are a florist, cut a hole in it and tie a ribbon aroundrepparttar 124476 flowers and throughrepparttar 124477 business card. If you sell gift baskets, Tuck one insiderepparttar 124478 basket before delivering it to your customer. The same goes for Mary Kay or Avon Cosmetics - place your card inrepparttar 124479 bag. You've seen how some restaurants staple a menu to their bags for takeout; if you use bags, staple your card torepparttar 124480 outside ofrepparttar 124481 bag.

9. Send a business card in every piece of correspondence - letters, invoices, even your electric bill. Sooner or later, those cards will be used.

10. If you are crafty, incorporate them into your designs: embellish them with rubber stamps, or blend them with other art projects. You can also mount them to greeting cards you create and send to customers and prospects.

11.When mailing out information: Take a number 10 envelope, facing you and upside down. Foldrepparttar 124482 envelope in thirds. When you turn it around, there is a little pocket to tuck your card in. Include it inrepparttar 124483 mailing. Using a colored envelope makesrepparttar 124484 presentation even more dramatic.

12. Scan your card in and use it as a graphic for when you exchange links with other websites. The other site can use your graphic asrepparttar 124485 link.

13. Place them in library books as if you used them as bookmarks. Visit bookstores place them in books related to your business.

Keeping Them Handy:

14. Use them as bookmarks so you'll always have some readily available if you meet someone at school, inrepparttar 124486 library, onrepparttar 124487 bus, or atrepparttar 124488 park where you like to read.

15. Have your spouse, family, and friends carry some of your cards with them in case they meet someone who might be interested in your product or service.

A Beginner's Checklist to Promoting an Online Business (Part 3)

Written by Angela Wu

For those of us who operate Internet home businesses, 'cyberspace' is so convenient that it's easy to forget that people still exist out there inrepparttar 'real world'. Part 3 of our 'checklist' series on promoting your online business provides you with a few tips on how to reach your audience offline.

[ Note: Parts 1 and 2 are available online at: * * ]

PART 3: Marketing Techniques forrepparttar 124465 'Real World'

1. Business cards. Leave a few inrepparttar 124466 local library or with other local businesses where prospects gather (with permission, of course); include a card in your postal mail; tack up a card onrepparttar 124467 bulletin board at your grocery store, etc. One place that offers quality, professional business cards at reasonable prices is, . On a tight budget? Go to VistaPrint for free trial cards: .

2. Direct mail. Flyers, brochures, catalogs, coupons.... there are all sorts of things you can send throughrepparttar 124468 mail. Need help? Freelancers can create pretty much any type of direct mail promotional items for you at competitive rates. Try .

3. Use your car! How much time do you spend driving (or, unfortunately, sitting stuck in traffic)? Take advantage of this opportunity by placing your URL on your car for everyone to see. Web Decals offers custom-printed decals that quickly and easily attach to your car's windshield:

It's also a good idea to keep a few business cards, brochures, flyers, or other information in your car that you can give out to people who stop to inquire about your business.

4. Newspaper advertising. Keep in mind that classified ads are usually extremely short; you'll need a punchy, compelling ad that fits into just a few lines. Nationwide Newspapers offers classified advertising in over 8000 newspapers acrossrepparttar 124469 United States: U.S. Media Inc., , specializes in many types of 'offline' advertising, including newspapers, radio, TV, magazines, and more.

5. Get torepparttar 124470 'heart' of your audience by advertising in a quality magazine with loyal readers. U.S. Media Inc. lists a wide variety of trade and consumer magazines and publications. Contact their reps for more information:

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