Thinking of starting your own newsletter

Written by Vern Anderson

Since I have only been at this for five months, I am in no way a pro.

I can however give yourepparttar pro's and cons of having your own newsletter.

OK let's start withrepparttar 124382 pros.

You get recognition

You can place your own ads for free.

You get to have your own opt-in list.

You find there are still very nice people out there, reading your newsletter.

You can post your articles for other ezines to use, creating advertising for you.

With a large enough subscriber base you can sell ads to other marketers, once you can do this, you can start getting back some ofrepparttar 124383 bucks you spent getting to this position. (I HOPE)

You also have a sense of pride, that in some small way, you may have made someone's day a little better.

Now let's take a look atrepparttar 124384 cons.

Before I startrepparttar 124385 cons, I want to tell you this. Don't let this talk you out of starting your own newsletter. I am convinced this isrepparttar 124386 thing to do if you plan on staying onrepparttar 124387 internet and marketing.

You can start out without spending money, until your subscriber base gets to seventy five to one hundred. Then look out, because it starts to overwhelm you.

You are trying to send out one hundred emails by hand, using copy and paste.

You are receiving emails with subscribe inrepparttar 124388 subject line, and you are putting them on your opt-in list manually.

You print each and every subscribe, so if you get accused of using spam, you have proof that they signed up of their own free will.

You keep all of these in a special three ring binder, hoping you will never need them.

You try many many things as I have to try to handle all this without spending money.

Finally, you tell yourself, I just can't keep up and I must do something different. So you start looking for that free service, that will do this for you.

Easy Ezine Promotion

Written by Terri Seymour

If you have a website or e-business, you should definitely consider publishing an ezine. Once you have maderepparttar decision to publish an ezine and decided onrepparttar 124381 content, you now must learn how to promote your newsletter. There are many easy and free ways to promote your new ezine.

Here are some of my favorites: Ezine Directories

There are hundreds of ezine directories onrepparttar 124382 web in which you can list your ezine for FREE. You might be asked to run their ad in your ezine or on your site in return forrepparttar 124383 free service. This is a good idea anyway, becauserepparttar 124384 more people that readrepparttar 124385 directory,repparttar 124386 more people that see YOUR listing. Here are a few to get you going.

Announcement Lists

Announcement lists are a great way to getrepparttar 124387 word out about your ezine. Subscribe torepparttar 124388 lists and be sure to followrepparttar 124389 guidelines for posting on each list. Once you get established onrepparttar 124390 lists, you should drop your postings to about once a month or every other week. This will prevent "overloading" people with your ad. Get started with these lists.

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