Thinking of Getting a Lhasa Apso Dog?

Written by Clint Leung

One ofrepparttar cutest looking dogs around isrepparttar 136998 Lhasa Apso. The puppies especially are just irresistible but before one decides to purchase a Lhasa just becauserepparttar 136999 kids are begging for one, there are some things that should be known about this particular breed. Historically, Lhasa Apsos were kept byrepparttar 137000 monasteries and nobility in Tibet as indoor watch dogs. They would sleep by their masters and with their high intelligence plus keen sense of hearing, would warn of any intruders. Lhasa Apsos were never bought or sold in Tibet. Instead,repparttar 137001 Dalai Lama sent Lhasa Apsos in pairs torepparttar 137002 emperors of China as gifts. High ranking visitors to Tibet also received them as gifts.

They are also referred to asrepparttar 137003 little bark sentinel lion dogs since fully grown Lhasa Apsos could resemble small lions with all their hair. Lhasa Apso dogs can also behave very much like lions exhibiting no fear when confronted by strangers or even larger dogs. Despite its small size with adult females reaching 12 to 16 pounds and adult males ranging from 14 to 18 pounds, they are extremely hardy as well as rugged. Having existed inrepparttar 137004 extreme temperatures of Tibet for centuries, they are well suited for and actually enjoy romps inrepparttar 137005 snow. They are also long lived. Both of my Lhasa Apsos lived pastrepparttar 137006 age of fifteen years. I have heard reports of others living even longer. In appearance,repparttar 137007 Lhasa Apso is very similar torepparttar 137008 Shih Tzu breed. The face of a Lhasa Apso is not as flat as that ofrepparttar 137009 Shih Tzu. It is believed thatrepparttar 137010 Chinese crossedrepparttar 137011 Lhasa Apso withrepparttar 137012 Pekinese which resulted inrepparttar 137013 Shih Tzu with its flatter face.

One thing that all prospective owners should definitely know is that having a fur ball like a Lhasa Apso will require lots of maintenance. The long hair of this breed requires constant care. If left unattended even for a few days,repparttar 137014 Lhasa Apso hair will mat up in clumps that cannot be untangled. Their floppy ears are also prone to infections and their eyes can develop problems. If a prospective owner is not willing to make a commitment torepparttar 137015 high maintenance of a Lhasa Apso, a shorter hair breed is recommended.

Why cockatiel is the best pet bird for the beginner.

Written by Tanin Eh Boon

Cockatiel bird have been kept and breed successfully in many countries all aroundrepparttar world. Cockatiel bird can be considered asrepparttar 136947 most widely kept parrot other than parakeet or budgie (budgerigar). Lots of research or expert of cockatiel emerge and many keeper have lots and lots of knowledge of cockatiel bird and their care.

I prepared this topic especially for newcomer birds enthusiast who still unable to makerepparttar 136948 decision about what species of parrot that they would like to buy. Well, there are lots and lots of parrot out there inrepparttar 136949 market. Some is very good for petting but some may not. However, for many people who haven’t own any pet parrot or any pet birds, many will feel that parrot will berepparttar 136950 same, with good personality, very friendly, good talker, a cuddle creature and a good friend when we are lonely. However, in fact it is not. Some parrot may be very nippy (bite) and rude, some parrot will tend to attached to only one person (and rude to other people), some parrot may not talk at all, while some other species may not give permission to anyone to cuddle them.

Okay, now we may gorepparttar 136951 some ofrepparttar 136952 reason why in my opinion, cockatiel is one ofrepparttar 136953 best pet bird forrepparttar 136954 beginner. Having said this, I didn’t mean that beginner should only keep cockatiel or cockatiel isrepparttar 136955 only choices –repparttar 136956 pet bird enthusiast actually have other option, lots of them but that is only if they are willing to learn more aboutrepparttar 136957 species that they choose or interested in.

Price Price can become major obstacle forrepparttar 136958 pet bird or pet parrot enthusiast to own their dream bird. Since price of a parrot can range from few buck up until ten of thousand dollar, price is sometime a critical in deciding which parrot thatrepparttar 136959 new comer should choose.

In Malaysia and I believed it happen to many other countries all aroundrepparttar 136960 world, price of a cockatiel is not expensive. Price may be different based onrepparttar 136961 colour mutation ofrepparttar 136962 cockatiel and whetherrepparttar 136963 cockatiel is handfed or parent fed. Normally parent fed cockatiel is cheaper than handfed coaktiel. This is because for handfed cockatiel,repparttar 136964 breeder have to spent more time, effort and cost to feedrepparttar 136965 baby, while for parent fed cockatiel,repparttar 136966 breeder didn’t have to put extra effort torepparttar 136967 bird and definitely they will have lower cost.

If we compared price of a pet cockatiel ( a good, healthy handfed baby cockatiel which can make good pet) with other species with similar quality (healthy and handfed baby birds) ofrepparttar 136968 bigger parrot ,repparttar 136969 price is totally different. Forrepparttar 136970 beginner, I thinkrepparttar 136971 price of a pet cockatiel is reasonable (even it is notrepparttar 136972 cheapest).

Noise level Personally I think all parrot will make some noise. Some of them will have rough squak while some other may have melodies whistling. However, forrepparttar 136973 normal rulerepparttar 136974 biggerrepparttar 136975 parrot it is more likely that they able (able but not necessary they will do) to make higher level of noice. I highlight this topic up because I understand that not everyone haverepparttar 136976 priviledge to own a very big house (and area) which will able to preventrepparttar 136977 noice from their parrot to disturb their neigbhour.

In many occasion, new comer in pet bird or pet parrot keeping fall in love with their dreamed parrot inrepparttar 136978 first sight or from their reading. They may heard or read aboutrepparttar 136979 parrot ability from books or from internet or they may have some friend who have this species of parrot andrepparttar 136980 parrot able to ‘speak’ (mimic) or perform some trick. However, many fail to realise that different people will have different level of tolerance towards noice level. For some people, they are okay withrepparttar 136981 noise that their parrot have (inrepparttar 136982 morning, afternoon and evening and sometimes all day until middle ofrepparttar 136983 night). We also should consider this withrepparttar 136984 people live around us a.k.a our neigbhour.

Cockatiel will create some noise or whistling sound every now and them especially inrepparttar 136985 morning and late afternoon. However, if only one individual cockatielrepparttar 136986 noise level that they able to create is not much and still at minimal level compared to other parrot. Cockatiel didn’t have high pitch sound like lovebirds. They also normally not always ‘sing’ like budgie do. Generally one can keep cockatiel in all type of house – whether it is an apartment, a single house, a link house (terrace house) or a banglow.

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