Think On Paper

Written by Ed Hirsch

What isrepparttar most valuable use of your time, right now? Whatever it is, work on THAT. Your ability to discipline yourself to work on those few tasks that can makerepparttar 101846 greatest difference in your life isrepparttar 101847 key quality that makes everything else possible for you.

Imagine that you are going to receive a $100,000 bonus atrepparttar 101848 end ofrepparttar 101849 month if you can work on your highest priority items every minute of every day. How would you change your behavior and what would you do differently?

You must continually ask yourself, "What activities in my life can I cut back on, delegate, or discontinue to free up more time for my most important activities?"

Your most valuable asset in life is your earning ability. Your ability to work, to produce, to earn money in our competitive economy by applying your brain and ability to your world enables you to generate tens of thousands of dollars each year.

If you want to increase your standard of living, you must increase your earning ability through a systematic and deliberate process of learning and practicing new skills and abilities.

What will you absolutely, positively have to be excellent at doing three to five years from now for you to continue enjoying your current or an even higher standard of living?

Regular planning assures that you spend more time on activities of higher value. This increases your effectiveness and your efficiency in everything you do. Perhapsrepparttar 101850 most important rule of all is for you to "Think on paper!"

Impose a sense of order on your life by making a detailed list of every single thing you have to do forrepparttar 101851 foreseeable future.

S T R E T C H I N G YOUR Outer Limit

Written by Ed Hirsch

You can't prove anything to anybody who doesn't want to believe you ... just like you can't attempt to help somebody to improve their circumstances if they won't let you coach them in that direction.

Why would you want to help someone to do this anyway?

The main reason that I do this is because as I help others, I improve myself inrepparttar process ... a self-perpetuation if you like.

The word *success* comes from a Latin word meaning "to follow." It's a future-oriented concept. If you don't consider what's ahead when pursuing your goals, you may reachrepparttar 101845 place where you thought you would find success only to discover that it's not there.

Take for example a quarterback throwing a pass. He has to lead his receiver; to throwrepparttar 101846 ball not whererepparttar 101847 pass-catcher is now but where he expects him to be at some future moment. He must be able to improvise: if his primary receiver is taken out ofrepparttar 101848 play he has to target on another before he's thrown for a loss. And he has to moverepparttar 101849 ball downfield: three completions don't mean a lot if they don't result in a first down.

When you were born, you were blessed with only Good. Being of free will (unless born into slavery), you were givenrepparttar 101850 choice (as you came of age) to create whatever kind of life you wanted for yourself. Unfortunately, there is a great chance that you *fell into* a world where you observed others who were self-centered, self-delusional and basically demonstrated laziness and lack of ambition. This is prevalent in society.

Your Choice to get on a Success Journey engaged you into a process of expanding your potential for achievement. But in a wider focus, you're also creating for yourself what Maxwell Maltz called a *success-type personality* --one that will empower you to set and achieve goals throughout your life. "When we say that a person has a *good personality*, Maltz wrote, what we really mean is that he has freed...the creative potential within him and is able to express his real self.... A good personality is one which enables you to deal effectively and appropriately with environment and reality, and to gain satisfaction from reaching goals ... "

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