Think It and Ink It

Written by John Robson

Think It and Ink It!

"The more you use your brain,repparttar more brain you will have to use." -- George A. Dorsey

Is your mind your best friend or your worst enemy?

It can be our worst enemy when we donít know how it works. Because then, our thoughts think us. Almost all of what we do, think and say comes from old patterns in our subconscious minds. This old thinking is typically repetitive and shallow. And because itís often negative and limiting, it sabotages our dreams.

So few of us know how we think, create, learn or intuit. We take our mental processes for granted. When we do this, we lose our creative genius - we barely scratchrepparttar 108434 surface of our immense mental capacity. So how do we break from these stuck, limiting patterns? With journaling! Think It and Ink It

Journaling is a process of quickly capturing our thoughts and feelings on paper. Unless we write them down, thoughts too easily disappear. We donít realize that we continue to thinkrepparttar 108435 same old thoughts, over and over again. You think about 60,000 thoughts per day. How many are you aware of?

Once we can see what weíre thinking on paper, we can learn to think in different ways. Whenrepparttar 108436 information is kept in front of our eyes, we can group it, synthesize it, add to it and change it. We can consider our notes from different perspectives. As we work withrepparttar 108437 information on paper, we bring it back into our minds - this is how most of us learn. Journaling also enables us to both draw from and plant new supportive information into our subconscious.

More importantly, our minds work at about 1000 words per minute, but when we write, we slow down to about 100 words a minute. This allows thoughts to be recorded more deeply. It also supports a more focused, creative thinking process. We are able to see and sense betweenrepparttar 108438 written words. We can also see and senserepparttar 108439 synergy and new interpretations of many words at once. Thatís why journaling brings up so many insights and fresh ideas.

The Internet Adrenaline Rush

Written by Brian Holte

So youíve researchedrepparttar market youíve decided to get into onrepparttar 108433 net, youíve done your homework and you know theirís a demand for your product and not a whole lot of sites to compete with. Now your excited aboutrepparttar 108434 possibilities you may face. Youíve bought your domain name and you have it hosted. Youíve submitted your site to allrepparttar 108435 major search engines, directories, youíve even implemented a linking strategy to add to your marketing arsenal. Overrepparttar 108436 next couple of weeks you pay close attention to your webstats, and money allowing youíve bought a couple of marketing ebooks and started testing different strategies. Some worked, some didnít. You notice your averaging 10-20 unique visitors per day, but nothing too write home about. Youíve done what you think is a good job on your site, not too heavy on javascript or flash, mostly rich in useful text

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