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Written by Mark A. Lugris offers an unparalleled collection of “Sex and The City” quotes. Featuringrepparttar best sound bites from Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, our quotes selection also showcases some ofrepparttar 118184 most popular supporting characters, such as, Mr. Big, Trey and Stanford.

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies. [Carrie] "

"You wouldn't commit to a nice guy, givenrepparttar 118185 option? [Carrie] I can't even commit to a long distance carrier. [Stanford] "’s “Sex and The City” quotes come from all six seasons of this groundbreaking series. Celebrating a new way of speaking honestly and sensibly about relationships and sex,repparttar 118186 quotations provide fans withrepparttar 118187 best quips fromrepparttar 118188 quintessential series about sex inrepparttar 118189 21st Century.

"The only one who should have to pay for a bad relationship isrepparttar 118190 person in your next relationship. [Miranda] "

"We were having one of those great first dates you can only have when it's not an actual date. [Carrie] "

A comprehensive selection of outstanding quotations, our collection highlightsrepparttar 118191 different characters and personalities that populaterepparttar 118192 show. According to Big,

Who You Calling a Hick?

Written by David Leonhardt

Who You Calling A Hick? By David Leonhardt

Forrepparttar last time, I live inrepparttar 118183 country, not inrepparttar 118184 sticks. And I am relaxed, not a hick.

Ever since we moved torepparttar 118185 country, I getrepparttar 118186 feeling you city-folk are confused. So here is a primer on what it means to be living inrepparttar 118187 country.

When you walk three blocks from your house inrepparttar 118188 city, you will be in another neighborhood...and possibly lost. We'll be approaching our next-door neighbor's front porch.

The neighbors are no trouble at all. Sure they play hard rock heavy metal blow-your-brains out music all evening...butrepparttar 118189 birds andrepparttar 118190 crickets drown outrepparttar 118191 racket.

Our neighbor acrossrepparttar 118192 road has a sign that stays lit up all night: Bert's Auto Repair. He no longer does auto repair, but he doesn't do sign removal either. See? We have a downtown, too.

We don't need streetlights. We already haverepparttar 118193 stars, thank you very much. What do you mean, "What are stars?"

You have gangs inrepparttar 118194 city. Every now and then, somebody loses an ear, a few fingers or a loved one. Ha! We have gangs, too. Our gangs eatrepparttar 118195 field mice. Bet your gangs won't do that for you.

Don't be shocked if you see a free-range skunk waddling across our front lawn onrepparttar 118196 way over there. We might not have major league baseball, but who says we can't have a mascot? And our theatre nights don't cost us much. Most ofrepparttar 118197 crickets and lightening bugs play for free.

Sure, I'll mowrepparttar 118198 lawn. Remind me next month.

Byrepparttar 118199 way, it's called a septic tank, not a skeptic tank. And yes, Irma Bombeck was right. And so arerepparttar 118200 weeds.

Every Monday morning I go for a hike. I tie up my laces. I put on my cap. And I grab hold of two heavy bags. Then I walk. And walk. And walk. And just when I feel like I can carryrepparttar 118201 bags no farther, I reachrepparttar 118202 end ofrepparttar 118203 driveway. Yes, Monday is garbage day.

Out here, we ride our mowers and push our brooms. Inrepparttar 118204 city, we hear you dorepparttar 118205 reverse.

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