Think: Your affiliate program fortune is in your pockets

Written by Jonathan Kraft

Think: Your affiliate program fortune is in your pockets by Jonathan Kraft

Your affiliate program fortune is already sitting in your pockets! You just donít know it yet. Please allow me to explain.

You have a 9-5, which, withrepparttar commute and headaches, has turned into more like an 7:30-6:30. You maybe have kids, a spouse, a dog, a car to repair, and a leaky faucet. You have yard-work, housework, homework, and work-work.

However, you understand that people are making money online. You think that you could create a small fortune through affiliate programs, if only you could make it fit in your schedule. You understand some ofrepparttar 131710 basic concepts of setting up a web site. You have an idea for a site focusing on something you know a lot about. Youíre pretty familiar with making sure your META tags match page content, and youíve learned about getting traffic to your site. You know that you can get traffic, because you have a unique perspective or approach torepparttar 131711 topic of your site. You might also at some point think about selling some of your own products alongsiderepparttar 131712 affiliate links you have (or would like to) set up.

So, where will you findrepparttar 131713 time to run a site, find affiliate programs, give your visitors great content to read, and begin to create your Internet fortune?

The answer is in your thinking. Your thinking has to help you realize thatrepparttar 131714 fortune is not yet in your wallet. The fortune is, however, already in your pockets. Iíll say that again. The fortune is ALREADY sitting in your pockets.

How can your fortune be in your pockets? Your fortune is inrepparttar 131715 pockets of TIME you have. You have ten minutes here, and twenty minutes there. You have time whilerepparttar 131716 pot is onrepparttar 131717 stove boiling water, and you have time while youíre waiting for your kids at their soccer practice.

You have pockets of time, and if you ever want to have more than just pockets of time, you must learn to userepparttar 131718 pockets you do have more effectively, starting today.

(This has as much to do with planning your life as it does building a successful and income-producing web site. You can take this skill and apply it all overrepparttar 131719 place for anything you want to accomplish.)

So how can you use your pockets effectively?

#1. Decide Make a decision that you are going to work on this project for at least 15 minutes each day, no matter what (you can take two days/week off). You can work more than that, but you must work at least 15 minutes every day on your site. Decide that you are going to make this site become reality within 6 months. (Be realistic with yourself. If youíre only working 15 minutes/day, 6 months is a realistic goal.)

#2. Take action inrepparttar 131720 right direction Begin withrepparttar 131721 end in mind. You have heard this before, but maybe youíve never applied it. Iím saying to you now that you should read this article, and then applyrepparttar 131722 principle. Begin withrepparttar 131723 end in mind. Take 15 minutes/day forrepparttar 131724 next 5 days. Get your plan on paper. Figure out what you want your site to look like. Look atrepparttar 131725 general layout. Keep it simple, so that you can design it, or explain to someone else how to design it. Lay out so that anyone can easily navigate to any page ofrepparttar 131726 site from any other part ofrepparttar 131727 site. Put it on paper first. Have friends (and even strangers if you like) review your site plan. Ask for their honest feedback. Donít be offended if they tell you that you might try changing some things. Take what works and leave out what doesnít. Decide on a color scheme. Color is very important in marketing products.

Here isrepparttar 131728 hazard of not beginning withrepparttar 131729 end in mind: You will spend hours of time working on completely unrelated projects, surfingrepparttar 131730 Internet, and reviewing affiliate programs which will not fit intorepparttar 131731 layout of your site. (Not having a layout for your site would be like climbing a ladder that you couldnít seerepparttar 131732 top of, but you thought would lead somewhere good, only to realize once you reachedrepparttar 131733 top that your ladder wasnít even leaning againstrepparttar 131734 right wall.) Start withrepparttar 131735 big picture of what you want your site to look like, and work from that plan.

Keeping it clean could give you a boost.

Written by mark white

Keeping it clean could give you a boost. By Mark White

Everyone is striving to be atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 131707 pile, we all want to get a better google PR and want this to reflect in more visitors to our site. But after we have followed allrepparttar 131708 advice about keyword placement and alt tags is there anything else we can do?

I recently asked Tinu Abayomi-Paulrepparttar 131709 well respected google expert from if having tidy html coding helped. She told me that although there is no absolute proof that it helped she had noticed that siteís with good xhtml code often seemed to get a higher ranking . It is my belief that whenrepparttar 131710 spiders visit they prefer a clean house.

So how do you know if your pages are up to scratch and up to search engine standards? There are a couple of sites that you can visit and get your pages spring cleaned for free so itís worth a visit.

The first site is site valet and this is in my humble opinionrepparttar 131711 most useful as they use an online version of html tidy ,repparttar 131712 program was originated by Dave Raggett and now at Source forge and it offers to tidy your pages straight off your hard drive, did I mentionrepparttar 131713 word free, yes this valuable resource is free. The big bonus for me is that if Tinu is correct then this site can convert from html to xhtml, what a bonus it could be to raise my google PR atrepparttar 131714 same time as making my code better. The online report gives you a not to complicated list of warnings about missing tags, attributes and offers advice about what you could add or change for people with non graphical browsers. The magic is that site valet gives you your page code back in tidy form, just copy and pasterepparttar 131715 code for a spotless site. As well tidyrepparttar 131716 site offersrepparttar 131717 more rigorous but more technical page tidy so if you know exactly what you want and are a techie thenrepparttar 131718 page tidy option is for you.

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