Things You Should Know In Buying A Car Online

Written by John G. Nuble

Buying a car online is not really so much a mystery anymore. With most, if not all, commodities being sold inrepparttar World Wide Web, clothes, food, insurance, music, film, computers, cars are not exactly new residents inrepparttar 142670 virtual business zone. But while buying a car online may offer people endless convenience, fast service and deals not found in car dealerships in your area, there are still buyers who are skeptical thatrepparttar 142671 online process actually works.

But it does work. In fact, for people who have been purchasing a host of other merchandises onrepparttar 142672 Internet for years, buying a car online is not really so different from let’s say ordering a new computer. Both deals with parts that you know next to nothing of, both can cost a lot and both can be confusing forrepparttar 142673 mechanically-challenged.

Still, in this age of information, there is no such thing as “anything” challenged. Withrepparttar 142674 right attitude andrepparttar 142675 right set of information, you can also have a hassle-free virtual car shopping spree. All you need to do is look for reputable websites that would provide you with everything you need to know andrepparttar 142676 rest is history.

The advantage of buying a car online from buying a car offline is not really that far off. Except forrepparttar 142677 savings in time and if you are good, in money, it also needsrepparttar 142678 same amount of research and serious planning. Here are some ofrepparttar 142679 things that you should know about when buying a car online


In buying a car online, one should ask for sites with good reputations. Ask for recommendations from your friends or search for reviews inrepparttar 142680 Internet. There are a lot available. That way, you will know what each site offer, guiding you as you are buying a car. Some ofrepparttar 142681 most popular sites are,,, AutoWeb,,, AutoByTel and AutoUSA

Car Leasing for Beginners

Written by Al Hearn

Car leasing is extremely popular because it provides an attractive method of driving an automobile that you might not otherwise afford. It allows you to make lower monthly payments than with traditional car purchase loans. About one out of every four vehicles driven by automotive consumers inrepparttar United States are leased.

But leasing is not for everyone. You should takerepparttar 142620 time to learn about leasing, and be sure it's right for you before making a decision.

What is Leasing

While a purchase loan is a method of financingrepparttar 142621 ownership of a vehicle, leasing is a method of financingrepparttar 142622 use of a vehicle for a specified time period. As much as it sounds like renting, leasing is different.

A lease is a formal contract with a leasing provider that allows you to driverepparttar 142623 provider's car and only pay forrepparttar 142624 portion ofrepparttar 142625 vehicle's value that you use up duringrepparttar 142626 time you're driving it. You agree to pay for insurance, licenses, taxes, repairs, and maintenance.

The leasing provider retains ownership and title torepparttar 142627 vehicle throughoutrepparttar 142628 lease. At lease-end you can simply return your vehicle torepparttar 142629 provider, or you may purchaserepparttar 142630 vehicle and continue driving it.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing offersrepparttar 142631 following benefits when compared to purchase loans:

- Lower monthly payments

- More car, more often

- Minimum or no down payment

- Smaller sales tax bite in most states

- No used-car headaches at end

Who Provides Leases

Contrary to popular belief, car dealers do not lease cars. Banks, credit unions, and financial divisions of major car manufacturers lease cars. Dealers simply act as agents of a leasing provider, such as Ford Motor Credit or GMAC, to arrangerepparttar 142632 lease on your behalf. Dealers typically work with more than one provider.

Once you've picked outrepparttar 142633 car you want,repparttar 142634 dealer sells it torepparttar 142635 leasing provider, who leases it you. It's not necessary, nor is it alwaysrepparttar 142636 best choice, to userepparttar 142637 "captive" leasing company chosen for you byrepparttar 142638 dealer.

You can arrange for lease financing yourself with an independent leasing company, bank, or credit union after you've negotiated price with a dealer. Some lease providers even work with dealers to acquire vehicles for you at reduced prices, saving you money andrepparttar 142639 stress of negotiation.

Who Should Lease

Leasing makes sense for many automotive consumers, but not for others. Here's how to determine if you are a good leasing candidate:

- Are you willing to trade ownership of your vehicle for lower monthly payments? Leasing is a great way to lower your payments or drive a better car for your money, but you must be comfortable with having no ownership of your vehicle, unless you purchase at lease-end.

- Can you stick with your lease untilrepparttar 142640 end? Leases require you to commit to driving your vehicle for a specific number of months — typically 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. If you feel your lifestyle, your finances, or simply your taste in cars may change significantly in future months, you may not be a good lease candidate. To end a lease early is usually troublesome and costly.

- Do you drive more than 15,000 miles annually? If your answer is yes, you may not be a good candidate because lease contracts are typically written with an annual mileage limit, typically 10,000-15,000 miles. If you drive more thatrepparttar 142641 specified number of miles you will pay a fee for every mile overrepparttar 142642 limit.

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