Things You Ought To Know First Before Undergoing Liposuction Surgery

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

According torepparttar medical dictionary of Medline Plus, liposuction isrepparttar 135116 removal of excess body fat by suction with specialized surgical equipments, typically performed by a plastic surgeon.

Withrepparttar 135117 removal of excess body fat,repparttar 135118 body appearance improves and evens out distorted body parts. Breasts, buttocks, abdomen, andrepparttar 135119 face area are some ofrepparttar 135120 most popular body parts that undergo liposuction.

Foremost reason why people resort to liposuction is for cosmetic reasons. They want to eradicate "love handles", unsightly fat bulges, an abnormal chin line, etc.

Liposuction also helps improve sexual function by reducing fat deposits onrepparttar 135121 inner thighs, thus allowing easier access torepparttar 135122 vagina.

Another reason for undergoing liposuction is body shaping that cannot be achieved by diet and/or exercise.

A note of caution, liposuction is not a cure for generalized obesity.

Liposuction is not as easy as just going torepparttar 135123 doctor and telling him or her, "I want a liposuction right now." People who want to have liposuction must meet certain criteria:

1) There should be a preliminary consultation. This includes history ofrepparttar 135124 patient, a comprehensive physical examination, and a psychological health examination;

2) There should be a second consultation to give time forrepparttar 135125 patient to think overrepparttar 135126 planned liposuction surgery;

3) Ifrepparttar 135127 patient is married,repparttar 135128 spouse's presence may be required duringrepparttar 135129 consultation;

4) The patient should ask questions about liposuction, expressrepparttar 135130 reasons forrepparttar 135131 consultation, and must feel satisfied withrepparttar 135132 answers to their questions;

5) The patient must fully understandrepparttar 135133 pre-operative liposuction preparations,repparttar 135134 liposuction procedures, andrepparttar 135135 precise post-operative liposuction care to avoid lethal complications;

6) The patient must have realistic expectations. Liposuction enhancesrepparttar 135136 body appearance and boost self-confidence but it will never result to a perfect body.

Because liposuction is a medical procedure, there are risks involved. Some ofrepparttar 135137 complications that may happen upon having liposuction are:

* Fluid imbalance due torepparttar 135138 removal of a lot of liquid during liposuction and/or injection of large amounts of liquid during liposuction which can result to shock, heart problems, or kidney problems.

The 3 Day Diet

Written by Helen Laxton

The 3 Day Diet is a 'crash diet', designed specifically for people who want to lose large amounts of weight very fast. Exponents sayrepparttar 3 Day Diet is chemically and enzyme balanced, and if followed torepparttar 134989 letter, you can allegedly lose 10 pounds in 3 days, hencerepparttar 134990 name.

While we here at have not tried this diet, we would point out that medical opinion generally believes that 'crash' diets, includingrepparttar 134991 3 day diet, can be dangerous. Typically, research suggests that these 'faddy' diets encourage a starve / binge cycle, which is not good for your general health. Any diet offering more than 1 or 2 pounds a week loss should generally be undertaken only under medical supervision, because ofrepparttar 134992 inherent dangers of rapid weight loss.

Another consideration isrepparttar 134993 need to keeprepparttar 134994 weight off once you have lost it. Many followers of 'crash diets' find that although they shedrepparttar 134995 pounds fast, they then pile even more than they lost back on, becauserepparttar 134996 fad diet is not sustainable over long time periods. For steady weight control, you need a regular balanced diet with allrepparttar 134997 essential vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Anyway, having said that,repparttar 134998 basis ofrepparttar 134999 3 Day Diet is simple, ordinary foods commonly found inrepparttar 135000 kitchen. You don't have to buy special diet meals, or eat foodstuffs you normally wouldn't find tasty. No special expensive recipes or ingredients are required. Asrepparttar 135001 diet name suggests, used for only 3 days at a time,repparttar 135002 3 Day Diet is very short term, and lasts only 3 days. After that, you are supposed to return to your normal diet (but without 'overeating' of course!) for 4 days. This completes a full week, and then you start again.

Unlike some crash diets,repparttar 135003 3 day Diet does not involve starving yourself - you eat at normal times, andrepparttar 135004 meals are 'normal' too. The theory behindrepparttar 135005 3 day diet is that by combining certain foods you can create a digestive reaction that boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat far faster than normal. There is not really any scientific evidence for this, although followers ofrepparttar 135006 diet are adamant this is what happens.

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