Things You Might Like to Know about Copyrights

Written by Jan K.

You may be underrepparttar false impression that before you can get your text published, you must "getrepparttar 108210 copyright" to your own written material. You might also think that in order to getrepparttar 108211 copyright, you must "apply" for it. This is just not so. Inrepparttar 108212 following few paragraphs, I'll give you some simple facts about copyrights that may help you in your quest to get published. First, it is important to understand that you cannot "copyright" an idea; you can only copyright what you have written. That is, you might have just writtenrepparttar 108213 greatest self-help manual on how to breed guppies. And you did, indeed, file for your copyright withrepparttar 108214 Library of Congress. Three weeks after completingrepparttar 108215 formal copyrighting process, you find out thatrepparttar 108216 manager of your neighborhood pet store (where you've been buying your guppies) has just soldrepparttar 108217 TV rights to a new hit show "Breeding Guppies" and he is using many ofrepparttar 108218 same principles that you've outlined in your manual on how to go about guppy breeding. So, naturally, since this isrepparttar 108219 21st Century and you live in America, you want to suerepparttar 108220 guy. You think you have a sure thing, and you are dreaming ofrepparttar 108221 million-dollar award thatrepparttar 108222 jury is sure to give you. But…you'd better not put a down payment on that Guppy Farm in Iowa just yet. The manual you wrote,repparttar 108223 exact words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters that you wrote, belong to you. It is illegal for anyone to reproduce or use any of that text, in part or in whole, for profit without your permission. However, you must be able to prove that your exact words have been stolen before you can get an award for copyright infringement. So, you know that guy with his hit TV series? Well, unless he's reading from your manual word-for-word, or attempting to sell your manual as a supplemental text that he's written, then he's probably doing nothing illegal. He's just using repparttar 108224 idea of breeding guppies. You do "own"repparttar 108225 copyright to your text, all its words and clever phrases. And you don't even have to file withrepparttar 108226 Library of Congress in order to haverepparttar 108227 copyright on your text. The copyright is conferred upon yourepparttar 108228 minute you write your New York Times Bestseller. All you have to do is be able to prove, beyond any doubt,repparttar 108229 date that you wroterepparttar 108230 material. For your protection, then, it is wise to print and date your material, and establish with a third party through a written communication that you have just finished your text. At that time, you can legally affixrepparttar 108231 copyright symbol (the letter c inside a circle) to your work. Now here's where a formal copyright comes in. By filing withrepparttar 108232 Library of Congress (and paying them their required application fee), you can establish definitively a date of copyright that will stand up in any court of law. Any judge or jury will defer to your date over someone else who can merely claim by word of mouth that his text came

Protecting your on-line real estate

Written by David Seitz

Now that you have an active website and ezine, you should be concerned about protecting it! Let's face it, your website is wide open to anyone with an itchy right clicking finger and an Internet connection.

Protecting your intellectual property and website content is not as difficult as most people think. I imagine you put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your website's planning, concept, and creation. Correct? Why not take an extra couple of hours to protect it from allrepparttar Internet slime that's waiting aroundrepparttar 108209 corner to steal it?

Your first step in your security checklist should be a trip to "10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained." You may find many of your questions answered here.

Once you getrepparttar 108210 feel forrepparttar 108211 kind of protection that's readily available to you, it's time to get serious!

Allrepparttar 108212 copyright, patent and trademark information you need can be found throughrepparttar 108213 following resources.

Congressional Web Site http:/ homas2.html

Copyright & Fair Use atrepparttar 108214 Stanford University Libraries

Also be sure to visitrepparttar 108215 World Intellectual Property Organization at:

Copyright Office

Here is another excellent website on copyrights. I am sure you can dig up trademark and patent info here as well as a ton of other free advice. The name suitsrepparttar 108216 site well:

Here is a popular patent search system

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