"Things Ezine Publishers Wished Their Subscribers Knew"

Written by June Campbell

Want to makerepparttar most ofrepparttar 124413 ezines that you receive? Understandingrepparttar 124414 following will go a long way towards making your ezine subscribing a pleasant experience.

1. Advertisements Make It Possible.

You're outraged becauserepparttar 124415 free ezine contains advertisements? Consider that you PAY to receive newspapers, magazines and television shows, and they all contain ads. The publisher of that free ezine isn't doing hours and hours of work just to make you happy. He is trying to make a living and that means he has to bring in a source of income. Ads make it possible for you to receive free ezines.

2. Your Ezine Isn't Being Delivered You've subscribed to an ezine, but it never arrives. Considerrepparttar 124416 following: Every time a publisher sends out a mailing, dozens of newsletters are returned marked undeliverable. These are some ofrepparttar 124417 reasons:

a. Typo inrepparttar 124418 email address thatrepparttar 124419 subscriber provided. One wrong digit andrepparttar 124420 email won't go through.

b. Mailbox full. If you're using one ofrepparttar 124421 free email accounts, your storage allotment is limited. If you don't collect your email regularly,repparttar 124422 incoming emails will bounce back to sender.

c. Account deactivated. If you drop an email account, ezines sent to that address are returned to sender.

d. Your email provider is using filtering software that rejects content inrepparttar 124423 ezine. Some email providers try to block spam emails by filtering out terms commonly found in spam messages. While filtering terms like "home", "make money", "good income" will block certain spams, it will also block legitimate ezines covering business, finances, real estate, etc.

3. You Want To Unsubscribe There's a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way will cause stress for both you andrepparttar 124424 publisher. Here's what you need to know:

a. Userepparttar 124425 unsubscribe instructions included inrepparttar 124426 ezine. Typically, you will be asked to send email to an address such as unsubscribe@myzine.com. The publisher's software is set up to process unsubscribe requests that are sent torepparttar 124427 address supplied for that purpose. Unsubscribes sent to other addresses may well be missed. Clicking "Reply" and sending your unsubscribe message torepparttar 124428 ezine's address is unlikely to work.


Written by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian, M.D.

The Most Important Thing About Your E-Zine Is Its CONTENT

In e-zine publishing CONTENT IS KING. If you provide content of a consistently superior quality, your e-zine will be a success.

>>> What forms of content should you use ? <<<

It's your e-zine. You know best - or should - what your audience wants. Here are some suggestions:

=> Editorials

As an e-zine publisher, you are perceived as an 'expert' in your field. Over time, your readers will begin to trust your opinions and views on issues.

You can leverage that into e-zine content by writing editorials. Use an editorial to share your viewpoint on a topical - maybe controversial - issue.

There is an added benefit to this strategy. Readers will respond to your message, either endorse it or oppose it. Their feedback can be incorporated into a follow up article in a future issue!

You could also userepparttar editorial space to establish personal contact with your readers. Write a short chatty piece, maybe about what's been happening in your life lately, or introduce a new author or resource. => Feature Articles

A feature article isrepparttar 124412 most common - and one ofrepparttar 124413 best - forms of content in most e- zines.

Here are some tips for writing good feature articles for your e-zine:

Articles shouldn't be too lengthy. While there aren't any rules, it is perhaps safe to keep feature articles below 1200 words long.

Articles should be relevant torepparttar 124414 topic of your e-zine.

Articles should educate or inform. Try and limitrepparttar 124415 message of a piece to one or two new ideas.

Articles should be original. The originality should preferably extend torepparttar 124416 idea,repparttar 124417 concept behindrepparttar 124418 write-up as well. Don't simply rehash an article you've read elsewhere. By publishing an article that hasn't been already featured in many other newsletters, you enhancerepparttar 124419 value of your own e-zine. This however means that you must

- Write your own features: It's hard work, but rewarding. And it assumes you can write reasonably well.

- Get someone to write articles specifically for you: It's difficult to arrange, butrepparttar 124420 long-term benefits are enormous. You could offer to

a. pay guest authors for their article or

b. contribute an article of your own to their publication in return. This way, you are adding value to readers of your e-zine by providing them with another (your guest author's) point of view, without doing any 'extra' work yourself. A fringe benefit is that you might hook some new subscribers from your guest's list!

- Articles should be exclusive. If someone else writes for you, make surerepparttar 124421 same article won't be submitted to dozens of other e-zines. Benefits from publishing exclusive content include

a. syndication opportunities in other publications, online and off b. no risk of readers leaving you to find your content elsewhere

Reprint articles only if you have to. Even then, add value by putting your own 'spin' on repparttar 124422 content - maybe introducerepparttar 124423 subject, or comment onrepparttar 124424 author's opinions or conclusions.

Caution - do NOT 'edit'repparttar 124425 original article withoutrepparttar 124426 author's permission. Avoid articles that have been reprinted many times before in other publications.

=> News Clips and Stories

Staying informed ofrepparttar 124427 latest developments and happenings in areas of interest is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming. Your e-zine can offer a solution to this dilemma by providing timely news on topics that might be of interest to your readers.

You may create a separate section to deal with industry news. Or you might devote an entire issue to news updates. By this you are adding value to your subscriber, and ensuring that your e-zine is read every time.

There are many ways of presenting news:

as a feature article a short news clips, with a link torepparttar 124428 full story on a website as news stories, where each item is explained at length

Whichever way you choose to presentrepparttar 124429 news, make sure to stamp it with your own personality. Make it interesting, personal, chatty, fun, unique, or all of these - with your style of writing, or by adding your point of view.

As with feature articles, news clips should be

relevant useful to your reader timely. Remember, old news is no news!

=> Aggregatingrepparttar 124430 best content

Finding, tracking and regularly visiting informative websites on a specific topic is difficult and time-intensive. Many readers will appreciate a listing ofrepparttar 124431 best resources on a subject. Website picks are therefore a valuable content idea for your e-zine.

As an expert on your topic, you can evaluate sites and other resources (e-zines, directories, books, offline publications) forrepparttar 124432 best. And then list them, along with your rating and opinion ofrepparttar 124433 site, with a link torepparttar 124434 site itself.

Many excellent and very large e-zines follow this success model - you can too.

=> Reviews

Here's your chance to help your readers by guiding them torepparttar 124435 very best - books, websites, music or other products and services. You,repparttar 124436 expert, tell them what is good and what isn't.

Why should you present reviews?

A guiding principle in writing reviews is thatrepparttar 124437 reader's need comes first. In a review, you share something that will be of interest and benefit to them.

If you read a great book, or surf into a wonderful website, then tell your e-zine subscribers about it in a review.

How to write a review?

Some tips:

Be brief. Provide contact / ordering information for those who want to know more.

Be relevant. Limit your reviews torepparttar 124438 topic and subject of your e-zine.

Be selective. Set high standards forrepparttar 124439 products you review. A review in your e- zine should become an honour people will vie for!

Be analytical. Tell your reader specifically what is good or bad aboutrepparttar 124440 thing you review.

Don't go overboard. Restrain your impulse to offer extremes of praise and criticism.

Be balanced. Point outrepparttar 124441 good and bad aspects with equal emphasis.

Offer Recommendations. Atrepparttar 124442 end, say what you think about it. Is it good ? Or bad ? Should your reader buyrepparttar 124443 product, visitrepparttar 124444 website, orderrepparttar 124445 service ? Tell them.

What should you review?

Anything - as long as it is relevant torepparttar 124446 topic of your e-zine, and of interest to your reader. Here are some ideas:

Books : Surely there are books on your e-zine's topic. If you've read any good ones (or even bad ones), or an author/publisher sent you a copy to review, you could write about it for your e-zine.

Websites : If you have a favourite website, or run across one that is useful, entertaining or informative, review it for your e-zine. You could analyse it in depth, highlight it's strengths and weakness, focus onrepparttar 124447 benefits it offers. Your readers will love you for this. Indeed there are some great e-zines made up entirely of website reviews !

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